Cory Branan

Cory Branan is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Southaven, Mississippi. He has a long association with Lucero. He performed backing vocals on the song "Sweet Little Thing" on Tennessee (2002). He is also mentioned in the lyrics of the song "Tears Don't Matter Much" on That Much Further West (2003). He also appears briefly on the Brights Stars on Lonesome Nights DVD, and he provided the song "Watermark" for the closing credits.[1] Ben Nichols and Roy Berry from Lucero have also performed on Branan's records. Nichols sang on the song "Wayward and Down" from The Hell You Say and played bass on "Hell-bent and Heart-first" from 12 Songs. Berry played drums on "Hell-bent and Heart-first".[2] There are two versions of The Hell You Say. The songs "Pale Moon on Paper Town," "One of Theirs," and "Green Street Lullaby (Dark Sad Song)"[3] were removed from the original version and the songs "Skateland South" and "American Dream" were added. The original version is known as the "Memphis" version and is extremely rare. As of his 2011 tour with Dashboard Confessional, however, the version containing Pale Moon on Paper Town was the version available at his merch table. There are also two versions of There Is No Dana. There are many "normal" black 7 inch copies and there are also 100 white copies.Umm... was the original title of 12 Songs. There are many unreleased songs available on his MySpace. There is a Cory Branan fan site,, which frequently features video and audio from shows and other performances as well as a message board and other information.

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