Jay Malinowski

Jay Malinowski is the vocalist and guitarist for the Canadian reggae group Bedouin Soundclash.At the age of 16 he played his first show. He met the group''s future bassist Eon Sinclair while attending Queen''s University, and they decided to form their own band which reflected the music they both grew up on. Jay was born in Montreal, QC in 1982, but he grew up in Vancouver, B.C. Jay has strong family ties to Toronto, ON as both of his parents are from the Toronto area. Jay also has a solo musical career with his LP Bright Lights and Bruises which was released on February 6, 2010. The record was said to be like a diary for him. After losing a band mate and a 7 year relationship. Jay is also a painter. He has a studio in Toronto, and works mainly with wax and oil paint. In addition, he does the majority of visual work for Bedouin Soundclash, including all album artwork for the band''s three LP releases. He has exhibited in Toronto, including a solo exhibition of his work in October 2004.

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