Jaya the Cat

Jaya The Cat is a reggae/ska/punk rock band originating from Boston, Massachusetts (US), currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jaya The Cat was founded by Geoff Lagadec (vocals/guitar), Dave Smith (guitar/vocals), and Ben Murphy (bass). Their first album Basement Style was recorded in Boston and was received well among critics and fans but failed to gain much attention outside of the Boston area. After drummer David "The Germ" Germain (formerly with Shadows Fall) joined the band they began touring the US and Europe. In 2002 the band arrived in Holland to play the Lowlands Festival. In 2003 they recorded a live album, ErnestoÔ[][]s Burning. After the release of the second album First Beer of a New Day Dave Smith (guitar) and Ben Murphy (bass) quit the band. The remaining members decided to move to Amsterdam where they have collaborated with a number of Dutch musicians, some of which have permanently joined the band. Their third album was released November 16th 2007 by I Scream records: More Late Night Transmissions With.... More Late Night...''s sound is considerably more laidback, drawing more on reggae influences than the previous two albums.

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