Kvelertak (translating to English as "stranglehold" or "chokehold") is a six-piece rock & roll band from Stavanger, Norway. All lyrics are written in Norwegian, the band's native language, and concerning Norse mythology/Viking folklore. As of today, the six members are: Erlend Hjelvik (vocals), Vidar Landa (guitar), Bjarte Lund Rolland (guitar), Maciek Ofstad (guitar), Marvin Nygaard (bass), and Kjetil Gjermundr├©d (drums). Known for their consistent, idiosyncratic sound, the band states that their main influences are rock and roll, black metal and punk. The band has been featured in the English music magazines Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Rock Sound. In March 2011, Kvelertak was presented with two Spellemann AwardsÔ[][]a prestegious Norwegian music award similar to the American Grammy AwardÔ[][]for Best Newcomer and Best Rock Band. The Kvelertak song "Mj├©d" was used as the end music for the film The Troll Hunter