Lach is a musician associated with the anti-folk movement. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he was trained as a classical pianist from an early age only to abandon it once he heard The Sex Pistols, The Jam and The Clash for the first time. Realizing he was a songwriter, Lach backtracked and explored the roots, relishing the works of Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and Woody Guthrie. In the early 80's Lach went to Greenwich Village's Folk City but soon had to move to the Lower East Side opening his own illegal after-hours club "The Fort". The same week Lach opened The Fort, Folk City held the New York Folk Festival, so, Lach held the first New York Antifolk Festival. The Fort became a mobile club inhabiting various New York hotspots, finally settling down at The Sidewalk Caf├® on Avenue A where it now resides. Until the summer of 2008, Lach hosted the weekly Antihootenanny there (now renamed the Open Stage and hosted by Ben Krieger). The anti-folk movement that Lach started in the early eighties has produced such well-known performers as Beck, Regina Spektor, The Moldy Peaches and Hamell on Trial, amongst others.

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