Mike Keneally

Michael Joseph Keneally (born December 20, 1961) is an American guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and composer. Allmusic says: "With his wide-ranging talents and ability to be creative in almost any musical situation, Keneally is the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era."[citation needed] Born on Long Island, New York, he moved to San Diego, California, at an early age and has been a fixture on the local music scene there since 1985 when he formed the local cult band, Drop Control. Although a well established musician in his own right, Keneally is probably most well known as former Frank Zappa "stunt guitarist" and a Zappa 1988 tour band member on both guitar and keyboards. His ascendency to that position is legendary in certain musician circles, based on Keneally''s command of Zappa''s vast and difficult-to-play repertoire. Keneally''s stint in the Zappa touring band was short-lived with the early cancellation of the 1988 tour and Zappa''s death in 1993. Keneally moved on from the elder Zappa''s band to work with the eldest Zappa son, Dweezil on his solo albums and work released as the band, Z.

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