Poledo was a Canadian alternative rock band, active in the 1990s. Consisting of vocalist and bassist Joshua Malinsky, vocalist and guitarist Mitch Roth and drummer Dave Capogna, the band formed in 1994 and released two independent cassettes, Buzz Muffin and Let Up, before signing to Sonic Unyon. They released the full length album There, You in 1995, and shared a split 7" single, Lunar Landing Confirmed, with Hayden in 1996 released on Toronto's Squirtgun Records. The band broke up in 1997. Rare unreleased tracks later appeared on two compilation albums, including Sonic Unyon's Now We Are 5 and Squirtgun Records' More of Our Stupid Noise. A cassette of recordings from their never-completed second album was released at their final show in 1997 under the title The Poledo Demos. Malinsky subsequently formed the solo project Kid Lunch.

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