Rea Garvey

Raymond Michael "Rea" Garvey (born 3 May 1973 in Tralee, County Kerry) is an Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist and frontman of the German rock/pop band Reamonn. Garvey was born in 1973 and grew up with seven sisters. In 1998 he left Ireland for Germany and initially sold t-shirts at music festivals before placing a newspaper advert looking for a band. It didn't take long before Garvey had formed the band Reamonn. Garvey has been married since 2002. Together with his wife and 2005-born daughter, he lives in Hadamar in Hesse. In 2006, Garvey recorded a version of All Good Things (Come to an End) with Nelly Furtado and a year later featured on Paul van Dyk's album In Between. In 2010 he recorded a version of Each Tear with Mary J. Blige, which was released as a single in Germany. In 2011 he featured on ATB's album Distant Earth on the song "Running A Wrong Way". Garvey has worked with a number of other musicians, including Paul van Dyk, ATB, Sasha, Xavier Naidoo, Michael Mittermeier and Jam & Spoon. He has written songs for Nu Pagadi and Elli Erl as well as songs on the soundtracks of German films Barfuss and Keinohrhasen.

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