Soil, often typeset as SOiL, is an American rock band that formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1997. After some independent releases, the band was the first rock group signed to J Records and achieved mainstream success with their major label debut, Scars, in 2001. After the J Records sophomore release Redefine in 2004, Soil was released from the label and, shortly after, frontman Ryan McCombs left the group. He would go on to become the new vocalist of Drowning Pool the following year. The band recruited AJ Cavalier as its new singer and released two more studio albums (True Self, Picture Perfect) through independent labels in 2006 and 2009 respectively. Before the latter release, longtime guitarist Shaun Glass left the group. Soil continued touring with major rock and metal acts during this period and maintained a presence on the independent charts. However, in 2010, both Cavalier and drummer Tom Schofield announced their departure. In fall of 2011, Soil reunited with McCombs for a tour commemorating the tenth anniversary of their landmark album, Scars. The band has since continued touring with their original vocalist Ryan and drummer Jon Wysocki (formerly of Staind).

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