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  1. D Double E

    D Double E

  2. D.D Dumbo

    D.D Dumbo

  3. Daedalus


  4. Daedelus


    Alfred Darlington (born Alfred Weisberg-Roberts) is a music producer based in Los Angeles, California. Daedelus pioneered using the Monome in conjunction with Max/MSP for live performance...

  5. Daley


  6. Damage


    Damage were a British R&B boy band who achieved success in the 1990s with eleven hit singles, including four Top 10 successes in the UK Singles Chart.

  7. Damian Lazarus

    Damian Lazarus

  8. Damien Dempsey

    Damien Dempsey

    Damien Dempsey (born 1975) is an Irish singer and songwriter who mixes traditional Irish folk with contemporary lyrics to deliver social comment on the positive and negative aspects arisi...

  9. Damien Rice

    Damien Rice

    Damien Rice (born 7 December 1973) is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician and record producer who plays guitar, piano, clarinet and percussion. Rice was raised in Celbridge, County Kild...

  10. Damien Slash

    Damien Slash

  11. The Damned

    The Damned

    The Damned are an English gothic punk band formed in London in 1976. They were the first punk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single ("New Rose"), an album (Damned Damned D...

  12. Damo Suzuki

    Damo Suzuki

    Kenji Suzuki (é[]´æ[]¨å¥äº[], Suzuki Kenji?, born 16 January 1950, in Japan), universally known as Damo Suzuki (ã[][]ã[]¢é[]´æ[]¨), is a singer best known for his membership in the Germa...

  13. Damon Albarn

    Damon Albarn

    Damon Albarn ( , born 23 March 1968) is an English singer-songwriter and record producer who has been involved in many high profile projects, coming to prominence as the frontman and prim...

  14. Dan Baird & Homemade Sin

    Dan Baird & Homemade Sin

  15. Dan Donnelly

    Dan Donnelly

  16. Dana Ruh

    Dana Ruh

  17. Dancing Years

    Dancing Years

  18. Dancing Years

    Dancing Years

  19. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

  20. Daniel J

    Daniel J

  21. Daniel James

    Daniel James

  22. Daniel Simonsen

    Daniel Simonsen

  23. Daniel Walsh

    Daniel Walsh

  24. Daniel Whitehouse

    Daniel Whitehouse

  25. Danielle Ward

    Danielle Ward

  26. Danny Brown

    Danny Brown

  27. Danny Byrd

    Danny Byrd

    Danny Byrd (born 1979) is a drum and bass DJ, producer and musician from Bath in the South West of England. He is influenced by house, UK garage, R&B and the Old Skool Rave / Jungle Techn...

  28. Danny Cummings

    Danny Cummings

    Danny Cummings is a percussionist and drummer from Sheffield. The first Latin Percussion instrument that Danny Cummings ever acquired was a second-hand conga he persuaded his parents to ...

  29. Danny Mahon

    Danny Mahon

  30. Danny Seth

    Danny Seth

  31. Dans Dans

    Dans Dans

  32. Dapper Laughs

    Dapper Laughs

  33. Darius Rucker

    Darius Rucker

    Darius Rucker (born May 13, 1966) is an American musician. He first gained fame as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, which he founded in 1986 at...

  34. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

    Dark Angel was an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their over-the-top style (extremely fast, heavy and lengthy songs with lots of tempo changes, lyrics and extende...

  35. Dark Sky

    Dark Sky

  36. Dark Tranquillity

    Dark Tranquillity

    Dark Tranquillity is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. They are one of the longest-standing bands from the original Gothenburg metal scene, and are one of the most integ...

  37. Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour is an American heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in 1995. Though failing to break early in their career, the band has received acclaim for their albums Undoing R...

  38. Darko


  39. Darkstar


  40. The Darling Buds

    The Darling Buds

    The Darling Buds were an indie band from Newport, South Wales. The band formed in 1986 and were named after the H. E. Bates novel The Darling Buds of May â[][] a title taken in turn, from...

  41. The Dash

    The Dash

  42. The Datsuns

    The Datsuns

    The Datsuns are a hard rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand, formed in 2000. To date they have released four albums and several singles, most of which have charted in New Zealand and/or ...

  43. Dauwd


  44. Dave Alvin

    Dave Alvin

    Dave Alvin (born November 11, 1955, in Downey, California), is a Grammy-winning guitarist, singer and songwriter. He has been one of the leading proponents of 'roots' or 'American' music,...

  45. Dave Berry and the Cruisers

    Dave Berry And The Cruisers

  46. Dave Fidler

    Dave Fidler

  47. Dave Giles

    Dave Giles

  48. Dave Gorman

    Dave Gorman

    David James Gorman (born 2 March 1971) is an English author, stand-up comedian and presenter. He has performed comedy shows on stage in which he tells stories of extreme adventures and pr...

  49. Dave Kelly

    Dave Kelly

    David 'Dave' Kelly (born 13 March 1947, Streatham, South London), is a British blues singer, guitarist and composer, who has been active on the British blues music scene since the 1960s. ...

  50. Dave Kusworth

    Dave Kusworth

  51. Dave McPherson

    Dave Mcpherson

    David Alexander John "Dave" McPherson (born 3 October 1982, Harold Wood, London) is a rock musician and solo acoustic artist from Brentwood, Essex. McPherson fronts, plays guitar, contrib...

  52. Dave Rowntree

    Dave Rowntree

    David Alexander De Horne Rowntree (born 8 May 1964 in Colchester, Essex) is an English solicitor, musician, animator, and political activist. He is best known as the drummer of the altern...

  53. Dave Wakeling

    Dave Wakeling

    Dave Wakeling (born David Wakeling, 19 February 1956, Birmingham, England) is an English rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is most famous for singing and writing songs for the 19...

  54. Davey Arthur

    Davey Arthur

  55. David Baddiel

    David Baddiel

    David Lionel Baddiel (born 28 May 1964) is an English comedian, novelist and television presenter.

  56. David Ford

    David Ford

    David James Ford (born 16 May 1978, Dartford, Kent) is a British singer-songwriter, currently living in Eastbourne, East Sussex. He first achieved prominence with the indie rock group Eas...

  57. The David Ford Orchestra

    The David Ford Orchestra

  58. David Gedge

    David Gedge

    David Gedge (born David Lewis Gedge, 23 April 1960 in Bramley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England) is an English musician and songwriter. He is the main songwriter and vocalist in the bands T...

  59. David Gray

    David Gray

  60. David Gray

    David Gray

    David Gray (born 13 June 1968) is an English singer-songwriter. He released his first studio album in 1993 and received worldwide attention after the release of White Ladder six years lat...

  61. David J. Roch

    David J. Roch

  62. David O'Doherty

    David O'doherty

  63. David Rodigan

    David Rodigan

    David Michael Rodigan MBE (born 24 June 1951 on a military base in Hanover, Germany) is a British radio DJ who also performs as a selector for his sound system. Known for his selections o...

  64. David Shrigley

    David Shrigley

    David Shrigley is a British visual artist.

  65. Dawn French

    Dawn French

  66. Dawn Landes

    Dawn Landes

    Dawn Landes is a Louisville, Kentucky-born, New York City-based musician who performs under her own name. She is also a sometimes-member of the band Hem, where she has lent her voice to h...

  67. dBridge


    dBridge is a drum and bass producer whose career has stretched from the early days of the genres conception back in the early 1990s. His real name is Darren White. dBridge was one member...

  68. De La Soul

    De La Soul

    De La Soul is an American hip hop trio formed in 1987 on Long Island, New York. The band is best known for their eclectic sampling, quirky lyrics, and their contributions to the evolution...

  69. Deacon Blue

    Deacon Blue

    Deacon Blue are a Scottish pop band formed in Glasgow during 1985. Their name was taken from the title of the Steely Dan song "Deacon Blues". The band consists of vocalists Ricky Ross and...

  70. The Dead And Living

    The Dead And Living

  71. Dead Congregation

    Dead Congregation

  72. Dead Harts

    Dead Harts

  73. dead prez

    Dead Prez

    Dead Prez stylized as dead prez is a hip hop duo from the United States, composed of and M-1, formed in 1996 in New York City, New York. They are known for their confrontational ...

  74. Dead Sea Skulls

    Dead Sea Skulls

  75. Dead Wolf Club

    Dead Wolf Club

  76. The Dead XIII

    The Dead Xiii

  77. Dead!


  78. Deaf Center

    Deaf Center

  79. Deaf Havana

    Deaf Havana

  80. Deaf School

    Deaf School

    Deaf School are an English rock band, formed in the mid 1970s and hailing from Liverpool. Their style is somewhere in between pub rock, punk, glam rock and art rock. They originally disba...

  81. Dean Friedman

    Dean Friedman

    Dean Friedman (born May 23, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter who plays piano, keyboard, guitar and other instruments, including the harmonica.

  82. Death


    Death was an American metal band founded in 1983. The band's founder, Chuck Schuldiner, is considered "a pioneering force in death metal and grindcore". The band ceased to exist after Sch...

  83. Death DTA

    Death Dta

  84. Death in June

    Death In June

    Death in June are a neofolk group led by English folk musician Douglas Pearce, better known as Douglas P. The band was originally formed in Britain in 1981 as a trio, but after the other ...

  85. Deathcrush


  86. Deathstars


    Deathstars is a Swedish band from Stockholm that perform industrial and gothic metal. Formed in 2000, the group are noted for their dark horror-themed lyrics, pessimistic and misanthropic...

  87. Deer Tick

    Deer Tick

    Deer Tick is an American indie folk band from Providence, Rhode Island led by guitarist and singer-songwriter John McCauley. Deer Tick's music has been described as a combination of folk,...

  88. Deers


  89. Defcon Zero

    Defcon Zero

  90. The Defiled

    The Defiled

  91. Deicide


    Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987. Their first two albums, Deicide and Legion, are ranked second and third place in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era.

  92. Deke McGee Band

    Deke Mcgee Band

  93. Delain


    Delain is a Dutch symphonic metal band. The band was founded by the ex-keyboardist of Within Temptation, Martijn Westerholt.

  94. Delano Smith

    Delano Smith

  95. The Delines

    The Delines

  96. Delta Heavy

    Delta Heavy

  97. Delta Sleep

    Delta Sleep


    Delta Spirit

  99. Delta Spirit

    Delta Spirit

    Delta Spirit is a band from San Diego, California. The group combines unconventional instruments such as trash cans lids and orchestral bass drums, multi-instrumentalism and spiritually t...

  100. Deltron 3030

    Deltron 3030

    Deltron 3030 is an alternative hip hop supergroup composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien (Portraying the role of the character Deltron Zero for the projec...

  101. Demented Are Go!

    Demented Are Go!

    Demented Are Go are a Welsh psychobilly band that was formed around 1982 in Cardiff. They were one of the earliest in the initial wave of bands to mix punk rock with rockabilly, and as a ...

  102. Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato

    Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato (born August 20, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. Her earliest roles included Angela on Barney & Friends, before she became b...

  103. Demob


  104. Demoraliser


  105. Denai Moore

    Denai Moore

  106. Dendera


  107. Dennis Bovell

    Dennis Bovell

    Dennis Bovell (born 1953, Saint Peter, Barbados, West Indies) is a reggae guitarist, bass player and record producer. He was a member of the British reggae band Matumbi, and released dub-...

  108. Dennis Greaves

    Dennis Greaves

  109. Dennis Rollins

    Dennis Rollins

    Dennis Rollins (born 1964) is a British jazz trombonist, the founder and bandleader of BadBone and Co. Rollins was born in Birmingham, of Jamaican parents, and brought up in Bentley, Don...

  110. Dense & Pika

    Dense & Pika

  111. Department S

    Department S

    Department S were a British new wave band formed in 1980, who took their stage name from the 1960s TV series Department S. They are best known for their debut single, "Is Vic There?", whi...

  112. Deptford Goth

    Deptford Goth

  113. The Derellas

    The Derellas

  114. Derrick Hodge

    Derrick Hodge

    Derrick Hodge (Born July 5, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American bassist, composer, and music producer. He is also the founder of Son of Knowledge Music and Son of Knowledge...

  115. Des Clarke

    Des Clarke

  116. dEUS


    Deus (styled as dEUS) is a rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium, whose only continuous members up to the present day are Tom Barman (vocals, guitars) and Klaas Janzoons (keyboards, violin)...

  117. Deviant


  118. Devil In Me

    Devil In Me

  119. Devil You Know

    Devil You Know

  120. Devilman


  121. Devilment



    Devin Townsend Project

  123. Devin Townsend Project

    Devin Townsend Project

  124. Devon Sproule

    Devon Sproule

    Devon Sproule (born 23 April 1982, in Kingston, Ontario) is a musician based for many years in Charlottesville, Virginia. She married musician and singer-songwriter Paul Curreri in 2005. ...

  125. Dexters


  126. Dexys


  127. Diagonal


  128. Diagrams


  129. Diamond Head

    Diamond Head

    Diamond Head are an English heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. The band is recognised as one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and is ack...

  130. Dick Gaughan

    Dick Gaughan

    Richard Peter Gaughan usually known as Dick Gaughan (born 17 May 1948, Glasgow) is a Scottish musician, singer, and songwriter, particularly of folk and social protest songs.

  131. Die Kur

    Die Kur

    Die Kur is an industrial metal band based in London UK. Formed in 1999 the band has released three official albums "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" (2006), "The Fall of The Empire" (2009...

  132. Die! Die! Die!

    Die! Die! Die!

    Die! Die! Die! is a noise pop/punk three-piece from Dunedin, New Zealand, formed in late 2003 and signed to Flying Nun Records. Their self-titled album Die! Die! Die! was released in 200...

  133. Diggs Duke

    Diggs Duke

  134. Digits


  135. Dignan Porch

    Dignan Porch

  136. Dimension


  137. Dirtbox Disco

    Dirtbox Disco

  138. Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing

  139. Dirty DC

    Dirty Dc

  140. Dirty Dike

    Dirty Dike

  141. The Dirty Heads

    The Dirty Heads

    The Dirty Heads are a Reggae rock band from Southern California with a melodic style that includes hip hop and punk genres. Their debut album, Any Port in a Storm, was released on Septemb...

  142. Dirty Revolution

    Dirty Revolution

  143. The Dirty Youth

    The Dirty Youth

  144. Discharge


    Discharge is a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977 by Terry "Tezz" Roberts and Roy "Rainy" Wainwright. They are often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore p...

  145. Dismantle


  146. Dismantle


  147. Distorted Minds

    Distorted Minds

  148. The Districts

    The Districts

  149. Diversity


  150. Dizraeli & The Small Gods

    Dizraeli & The Small Gods

  151. DJ Barely Legal

    DJ Barely Legal

  152. DJ Champion

    DJ Champion

  153. DJ Cheeba

    DJ Cheeba

  154. DJ Die

    DJ Die

  155. DJ Fresh and Slam Dunk'd

    DJ Fresh And Slam Dunk'd

  156. DJ Hazard

    DJ Hazard

    Scott Molloy (Born 1977) known by his stage name DJ Hazard is a drum & bass DJ and Producer from Birmingham. He is part of the True Playaz & Ganja Records label and also releases songs u...

  157. DJ Luck

    DJ Luck

  158. DJ Luck & MC Neat

    DJ Luck & MC Neat

    DJ Luck & MC Neat are a British musical duo, composed of Joel Samuels (aka DJ Luck) and Michael Rose (aka MC Neat), mainly performing a combination of house music and UK garage. They had ...

  159. DJ Mo Fingaz

    DJ Mo Fingaz

  160. DJ Mustard

    DJ Mustard

  161. DJ Sammy B-Side

    DJ Sammy B-Side

  162. DJ Sarah Love

    DJ Sarah Love

  163. DJ Semtex

    DJ Semtex

  164. DJ Slimzee

    DJ Slimzee

  165. DJ Snuff

    DJ Snuff

  166. DJ Vadim

    DJ Vadim

    DJ Vadim is a prolific DJ and producer, born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), raised in London and currently residing in both New York and Berlin,[citation needed] whose...

  167. DJ Yoda

    DJ Yoda

    Duncan Beiny (born in London, United Kingdom), better known as DJ Yoda, is a hip hop turntablist who uses samples to create a cartoony musical style.

  168. DJs Stephen and Gillian

    DJs Stephen And Gillian

  169. The Do

    The Do

  170. Doc Brown

    Doc Brown

    Doc Brown (real name Ben Smith) is a former British rapper, currently an established comedian, actor, screenwriter and voiceover artist.

  171. Doctor P vs. P Money

    Doctor P Vs. P Money

  172. Dodgy


    Dodgy are an English power pop rock trio, that rose to prominence during the Britpop era of the 1990s, who are best known for their hits "Staying Out for the Summer", "If You're Thinking ...

  173. The Doggett Brothers

    The Doggett Brothers

  174. DOJO


  175. Dolomite Minor

    Dolomite Minor

  176. Don Broco

    Don Broco

    Don Broco is a four-piece alternative rock band. Formed in Bedford in 2008 the band consists of Rob Damiani (lead vocals and electronics), Simon Delaney (guitar), Luke Rayner (bass) and ...

  177. Don Craine

    Don Craine

  178. Don McLean

    Don Mclean

    Donald "Don" McLean (born October 2, 1945, New Rochelle, New York) is an American singer-songwriter. He is most famous for the 1971 album American Pie, containing the renowned songs "Amer...

  179. The Doors

    The Doors

    The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore, and guitarist Robby Krieger. T...

  180. The Doors Alive

    The Doors Alive

  181. The Doors Experience

    The Doors Experience

  182. Dope D.O.D.

    Dope D.O.D.

  183. The Doppelgangaz

    The Doppelgangaz

  184. Dorey The Wise

    Dorey The Wise

  185. Dorian Concept

    Dorian Concept

    Dorian Concept (born Oliver Thomas Johnson, in 1985) is a Austrian electronic jazz/funk/hip-hop producer. He uses a MicroKORG keyboard and he is also a member of the Austrian funk band Ja...

  186. The Doubtful Guest

    The Doubtful Guest

  187. Douglas Dare

    Douglas Dare

  188. Dr Dru

    Dr Dru

  189. Dragg


  190. Dragged Into Sunlight

    Dragged Into Sunlight

  191. DragonForce


    DragonForce are an English power metal band from London. Formed in 1999, the group is known for its long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-based lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music ...

  192. Dreadzone


    Dreadzone are a British band whose music is an eclectic fusion of dub, reggae, techno, folk and rock. They have so far produced six studio albums and two live albums.

  193. Dressed to Kill

    Dressed To Kill

  194. Dressmaker


  195. Drew Allen

    Drew Allen

  196. Drongos for Europe

    Drongos For Europe

  197. Dropkick Murphys

    Dropkick Murphys

    Dropkick Murphys are an Irish-American punk rock band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1996. The band was initially signed to independent punk record label Hellcat Records, releasing fi...

  198. Drowning Pool

    Drowning Pool

    Drowning Pool is a four-piece alternative metal band from Dallas, Texas.

  199. The Drums

    The Drums

    The Drums are an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, NY with members stemming from the shortlived band Elkland (formerly Goat Explosion). The band is currently on the Moshi Moshi/Islan...

  200. The Dualers

    The Dualers

  201. Dub Colossus

    Dub Colossus

    Dub Colossus are a band from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Their sound fuses traditional ethio-jazz with dub, and reggae. The band was formed by Dan Harper (Invisible System) and Nick Page - aka...

  202. Dub Phizix

    Dub Phizix

  203. Dub Pistols

    Dub Pistols

    Dub Pistols are a London based dub music and big beat band, founded by ex-club promoter, Barry Ashworth, in 1996. The other members of the band were record producer and bassist Jason O''B...

  204. Duke Dumont

    Duke Dumont

  205. Dumbjaw


  206. Duncan Reid and The Big Heads

    Duncan Reid And The Big Heads

  207. The Dunwells

    The Dunwells

  208. Duquesa


  209. The Dustaphonics

    The Dustaphonics

  210. Dutch Uncles

    Dutch Uncles

    Dutch Uncles are an indie band from Stockport. They are known for their use of atypical time signatures within a pop context. Their influences includes several bands such as The Smiths, K...

  211. Dwele


    Andwele Gardner (born February 14, 1978), better known by his stage name Dwele is a soul singer, songwriter and record producer from Detroit, Michigan.

  212. Dying Fetus

    Dying Fetus

  213. Dylan Moran

    Dylan Moran

    Dylan Moran (born 3 November 1971) is an Irish stand-up comedian, writer, actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his sardonic observational comedy, the UK television sitcom Black Books...

  214. The Dylan Project

    The Dylan Project

  215. Dynamo



  216. DZ Deathrays

    Dz Deathrays