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  1. Nadine Carina

    Nadine Carina

  2. Nadine Shah

    Nadine Shah

  3. Nai Harvest

    Nai Harvest

  4. Naked (On Drugs)

    Naked (On Drugs)

  5. Nana Mouskouri

    Nana Mouskouri

    Nana Mouskouri (Greek: Nάνα Î[]ούÏ[]Ï[]οÏ[]ρη, ), born Ioánna Moúschouri (Greek: Î[]Ï[]άννα Î[]ούÏ[]Ï[]οÏ[]ρη, ) on October 13, 1934, in Chania, Crete, Greece, is a Gre...

  6. Nancy Kerr

    Nancy Kerr

    Nancy Kerr (born 1975) is an English folk musician, specialising in the fiddle and singing. She is the daughter of London-born singer-songwriter Sandra Kerr and Northumbrian piper Ron Ell...

  7. Napoleon


  8. Natalie Holmes

    Natalie Holmes

  9. Natalie McCool

    Natalie Mccool

    Natalie Hannah McCool (born 28 June 1988) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist from Widnes, Cheshire. Natalie first became recognised in 2007 when she won the Yamaha national so...

  10. Natasha North

    Natasha North

  11. Nathan Fake

    Nathan Fake

    Nathan Fake is an English electronic music artist from Norfolk, who has released numerous singles as well as two album releases on the label Border Community Recordings. His music has bee...

  12. Natives


  13. Natural Child

    Natural Child

  14. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

  15. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

  16. Neck Deep

    Neck Deep

  17. Negative Approach

    Negative Approach

    Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. The band is considered among of the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region...

  18. The Neighbourhood

    The Neighbourhood

  19. The Neighbourhood

    The Neighbourhood

  20. Neil Cowley Trio

    Neil Cowley Trio

  21. Neil Sedaka

    Neil Sedaka

    Neil Sedaka (born March 13, 1939) is an American pop/rock singer, pianist, and composer. His career has spanned nearly 55 years, during which time he has sold millions of records as an ar...

  22. Neil Trix

    Neil Trix

  23. Neill MacColl

    Neill Maccoll

  24. Neko Case

    Neko Case

    Neko Case (born September 8, 1970) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her solo career and her contributions as a member of the Canadian indie rock group The New Pornographer...

  25. Nektar


    Nektar (German for Nectar) is a 1970s English progressive rock band originally based in Germany.

  26. Nell Bryden

    Nell Bryden

    Nell Bryden (born March 8, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, to parents themselves a singer (Jane Bryden) and artist (Lewis Bryden). A classical...

  27. Neneh Cherry & RocketNumberNine

    Neneh Cherry & Rocketnumbernine

  28. Neon Jungle

    Neon Jungle

  29. Neon Trees

    Neon Trees

    Neon Trees is an American alternative rock band from Provo, Utah, with origins in Murrieta, California. The band received nationwide exposure in late 2008 when they opened several North A...

  30. Nephew


  31. Nerina Pallot

    Nerina Pallot

    Nerina Pallot (born Nerina Natasha Georgina Pallot, 26 April 1974, London) is a platinum selling, BRIT Award and Ivor Novello Award nominated British singer and songwriter. Although born ...

  32. NERO


  33. Netsky


    Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky, is a Belgian drum and bass producer. The name Netsky is based on the computer virus of the same name.

  34. Neutral Milk Hotel

    Neutral Milk Hotel

    Neutral Milk Hotel was an American indie rock band formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Mangum in the early 1990s. The band was noted for its experimental sound, obscure lyrics...

  35. Never the Bride

    Never The Bride

    Never the Bride is an English rock band, founded before 1991, fronted by Bristol native Nikki Lamborn, who writes original songs along with the band''s keyboard player, Catherine Feeney. ...

  36. Neville Staple

    Neville Staple

    Neville Eugenton Staple (born 11 April 1955) is a singer for the two-tone ska band, The Specials as well as his own combo, The Neville Staple Band. Along with Ranking Roger, he also sings...

  37. The Neville Staple Band

    The Neville Staple Band

  38. New Arcades

    New Arcades

  39. New Found Glory

    New Found Glory

    New Found Glory (formerly A New Found Glory) is an American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida. Formed in the summer of 1997, founding members were lead vocalist Jordan Pundik, guitari...

  40. New Generation Superstars

    New Generation Superstars

  41. The New Mendicants

    The New Mendicants

  42. New Model Army

    New Model Army

    New Model Army are a legendary global underground cult band. Formed by Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow and Phil Tompkins in Bradford in 1980, their beginnings were inspired by Northern...

  43. New World Punx

    New World Punx

  44. Newman


  45. Newton Faulkner

    Newton Faulkner

    Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner (born January 11, 1985) is an English singer-songwriter and musician from Reigate, Surrey. Known for his guitar playing, which involves rhythmically tapping...

  46. Nexilva


  47. The Nextmen

    The Nextmen

    The Nextmen are a UK production/songwriting group consisting of Dom Search (aka Dominic Betmead) and Brad Baloo (aka Brad Ellis). Often incorporating hip hop drum sets and electronic bass...

  48. Nguzunguzu


  49. Nick Harper

    Nick Harper

    Nick Harper (born 22 June 1965) is an English singer-songwriter/guitarist. He is the son of English folk musician Roy Harper.

  50. Nick Helm

    Nick Helm

  51. Nick Mulvey

    Nick Mulvey

  52. Nick Santino

    Nick Santino

  53. Nick Simper

    Nick Simper

    Nicholas John Simper (born 3 November 1945, at Frogmore House Maternity Home, Norwood Green, Southall, Middlesex) is a bass guitarist, best known as a founding member of Deep Purple.

  54. Nick Waterhouse

    Nick Waterhouse

  55. Nicke Borg

    Nicke Borg

  56. Nicki French

    Nicki French

    Nicola S. French (born 26 September 1964, Carlisle, Cumberland, England) is a female English singer and dancer. She is best known for her 1995 dance cover version of "Total Eclipse of the...

  57. Nicky Blackmarket

    Nicky Blackmarket

  58. Nicole Atkins

    Nicole Atkins

    Nicole Atkins (born October 1, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter. She has been compared to Roy Orbison and singers from the Brill Building era.[by whom?]

  59. Night Engine

    Night Engine

  60. Night flowers

    Night Flowers

  61. Night Verses

    Night Verses

  62. Nightmares on Wax

    Nightmares On Wax

    George Evelyn, better known as Nightmares on Wax and also known as DJ EASE (Experimental Sample Expert), is a DJ and electronic music composer from Leeds, UK. His music is released on War...

  63. Nightworkers


  64. Nik Kershaw

    Nik Kershaw

    Nik Kershaw (born Nicholas David Kershaw, 1 March 1958) is an English singer-songwriter. The one time jazz-funk guitarist was a mid-1980s teen idol. His 50 weeks on the UK Singles Chart i...

  65. Nik Turner

    Nik Turner

    Nik Turner (born Nicholas Turner, 26 August 1940, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England) is a British musician, best known as a founding member of space rock pioneers Hawkwind. Turner plays saxoph...

  66. Nils Frahm

    Nils Frahm

    Nils Frahm (born 1982) is a German musician and composer based in Berlin. He has released solo material under his own name and also with several notable performers such as Anne Müller an...

  67. The Nimmo Brothers

    The Nimmo Brothers

  68. Nina Kraviz

    Nina Kraviz

  69. Nina Nesbitt

    Nina Nesbitt

  70. Nine Below Zero

    Nine Below Zero

    Nine Below Zero (also known as 9 Below Zero) are an English blues band, who have a cult following throughout Europe, and were most popular in the period between 1980 and 1982.

  71. Nisennenmondai


    Nisennenmondai are a Tokyo-based instrumental trio who make music that's both raw and danceable in equal measure. They formed in 1999 and took their name from the Japanese translation of ...

  72. Nitin Sawhney

    Nitin Sawhney

    Nitin Sawhney (born 1964) is an Indian-British musician, producer and composer. His critically acclaimed work combines Asian and other worldwide influences with elements of jazz and elect...

  73. Nizlopi


    Nizlopi were a two-piece band, from 1993â[][]2010, with Luke Concannon on vocals, guitar, and bodhrán, and John Parker on double bass, human beatbox, and providing backing vocals. They w...

  74. No Bragging Rights

    No Bragging Rights

  75. No Contest

    No Contest

  76. No Devotion

    No Devotion

  77. Noah Stewart

    Noah Stewart

  78. Noel Fielding

    Noel Fielding

  79. NOFX


    NOFX (pronounced "no-ef-ex") is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California (later relocating to San Francisco). The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist/bassist Fat Mike and g...

  80. Noise Agents

    Noise Agents

  81. The Noise Next Door

    The Noise Next Door

    The Noise Next Door is a three piece band, made up of triplet brothers from Leigh Park, England. Craig, Scott and Ed Sutton were born on 30 May 1986, to Annette and Barry Sutton. They wer...

  82. Nolan Porter

    Nolan Porter

  83. Nookie


  84. Noon


    Noon is a pseudonym of Polish electronic musician and producer MikoÅ[]aj Bugajak. He was born in 1979 in Warsaw, Poland. He began his career with the team Grammatik with which in 1998 iss...

  85. Norma Jean Martine

    Norma Jean Martine

  86. Norman Jay

    Norman Jay

    Norman Jay MBE (born Norman Bernard Joseph) is an innovative and pioneering British DJ. He first came to prominence playing unlicensed or 'warehouse' parties in the early 1980s, such as S...

  87. Norman Watt-Roy

    Norman Watt-Roy

  88. Norris Da Boss

    Norris Da Boss

  89. Northlane


  90. Nosound


    Nosound is an Italian progressive rock band that started as a vision by Giancarlo Erra. All of the early recordings were composed, played, produced, engineered, and released by Erra. As t...

  91. Not Since the Accident

    Not Since The Accident

  92. Nothing


  93. Nothing but Thieves

    Nothing But Thieves

  94. The Notwist

    The Notwist

    The Notwist are a German indie rock band. Formed in 1989, the band moved through several musical incarnations despite maintaining a relatively stable lineup. While their early records mo...

  95. November


  96. November-7


  97. Nozinja (Shangaan Electro)

    Nozinja (Shangaan Electro)

  98. Nude


  99. NZ Shapeshifter

    Nz Shapeshifter