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  1. Vaadat Charigim

    Vaadat Charigim

  2. Vaghe Stelle

    Vaghe Stelle

  3. Vallenfyre


  4. Vampire Weekend

    Vampire Weekend

    Vampire Weekend is an American indie rock band from New York City that formed in 2006 and signed to XL Recordings. The band has four members: Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson,...

  5. The Vamps

    The Vamps

  6. Van Morrison

    Van Morrison

    Van Morrison, OBE (born George Ivan Morrison; 31 August 1945) is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician. His live performances at their best are regarded as transcendental and in...

  7. Vance Joy

    Vance Joy

  8. Vancouver Sleep Clinic

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic

  9. Vanna


    Vanna is an American post-hardcore band from Boston, MA. Their first full length album, Curses, was released on April 24, 2007.

  10. Vargas Blues Band

    Vargas Blues Band

  11. Various


  12. The Varukers

    The Varukers

    The Varukers are a UK D-beat band formed in 1979 by vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin, which produced its most influential recordings in the early 1980s. The band are one of the first to play...

  13. The Vaselines

    The Vaselines

    The Vaselines are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 1986, the band was originally a duo between its songwriters Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, but later added Ja...

  14. Vashti Bunyan

    Vashti Bunyan

    Vashti Bunyan (born 1945) is an English singer-songwriter. In 1970, Bunyan released her first album, Just Another Diamond Day. The album sold very few copies, and Bunyan, discouraged, aba...

  15. Vaults


  16. Vega


  17. Vega


  18. Verse


  19. VerseChorusVerse


  20. The Vibrators

    The Vibrators

    The Vibrators are a British punk rock band that formed in 1976.

  21. Vic Godard & The Subway Sect

    Vic Godard & The Subway Sect

  22. Vice Squad

    Vice Squad

  23. Victor Romero Evans

    Victor Romero Evans

  24. Vidunder


  25. Vigo Thieves

    Vigo Thieves

  26. Vile Electrodes

    Vile Electrodes

  27. Vinny Peculiar

    Vinny Peculiar

  28. The Vintage Caravan

    The Vintage Caravan

  29. Virgil and the Accelerators

    Virgil And The Accelerators

  30. Virginia Wing

    Virginia Wing

  31. The Virginmarys

    The Virginmarys

  32. Visage


    Visage are a British New Wave rock band. Formed in 1978, the band became closely linked to the burgeoning New Romantic fashion movement of the early 1980s, and are best known for their 19...

  33. Vision Fortune

    Vision Fortune

  34. Vladimir


  35. Voices


  36. Volbeat


    Volbeat is a Danish heavy-metal band formed in Copenhagen. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal, punk and rockabilly. They are inspired by classic rock and roll artists such a...

  37. Volition


  38. Volte Face

    Volte Face

  39. The Voluntears

    The Voluntears

  40. The von Trapps

    The von Trapps

  41. Voodoo Vegas

    Voodoo Vegas

  42. The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs

  43. Vreid


    Vreid is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 2004 after the break up of Windir following the death of lead singer and founder Valfar. The remaining members along with new guitarist Ese...

  44. Vrooom


  45. Vynce