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  1. I the Mighty

    I the Mighty

  2. Iain Hume

    Iain Hume


  3. Iain Morrison

    Iain Morrison

  4. Iain Stirling

    Iain Stirling


  5. Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

    Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

  6. Ian McCulloch

    Ian McCulloch

    Ian Stephen McCulloch (born 5 May 1959) is an English singer, born in Liverpool, and is best known as the frontman for the rock group Echo & the Bunnymen.

  7. Ian McNabb

    Ian McNabb

    Robert Ian McNabb (born November 3, 1960) is a British singer-songwriter and musician from Liverpool, England. He is known both for his work as leader and songwriter-in-chief of The Icicl...

  8. Ian Page

    Ian Page

  9. Ian Prowse

    Ian Prowse

  10. Ian Siegal

    Ian Siegal

    Ian Siegal (born Ian Berry, 1971) is a British blues singer and guitarist, whose style reflects the more rootsy side of the genre, drawing on influences such as Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters...

  11. The Ian Siegal Band

    The Ian Siegal Band

  12. The Icicle Works

    The Icicle Works

    The Icicle Works are an English alternative rock band of the 1980s. Named after the 1960 short story "The Day the Icicle Works Closed" by science fiction author Frederik Pohl, The Icicle ...

  13. Idles


  14. Idlewild


    Idlewild are a Scottish rock band, formed in Edinburgh, in 1995, comprising Roddy Woomble (lead vocals), Rod Jones (guitar, backing vocals), Colin Newton (drums), Allan Stewart (guitar) a...

  15. Idlewild & Edwin Morgan

    Idlewild & Edwin Morgan

  16. Ignite


    Ignite is a hardcore punk band from Orange County, California. Formed in 1993, their commercial breakthrough album came on May 30, 2000, on TVT Records, and was called A Place Called Home...

  17. Il Divo

    Il Divo

    Il Divo ("divine male performer" in Italian) is a multinational operatic pop vocal group created by music manager, executive, and reality TV star Simon Cowell. Formed in the United Kingdo...

  18. Imperial Age

    Imperial Age

  19. The Impossible Gentlemen

    The Impossible Gentlemen

  20. In Evil Hour

    In Evil Hour

  21. In Search of Sun

    In Search of Sun

  22. In the Woods...

    In the Woods...

    In the Woods... was a heavy metal band from Kristiansand, Norway. The band released a total of three studio albums, three singles, one compilation album and one live album throughout its ...

  23. In This Moment

    In This Moment

    In This Moment is an American metalcore band from North Hollywood (urban agglomeration of Los Angeles), California. Formed in 2005, the group has released three albums to date, all throug...

  24. Ina Forsman

    Ina Forsman

  25. Incinery


  26. Incognito


    Incognito is a British band, as well as one of the members of the United Kingdom's acid jazz movement. Their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with thirteen more albums follow...

  27. Indiana


  28. InMe


    InMe are an English alternative metal band from Brentwood, Essex, formed in 1996. To date they have released four studio albums a[][] Overgrown Eden (2003); White Butterfly (2005); Daydre...

  29. Inspiral Carpets

    Inspiral Carpets

    Inspiral Carpets are an alternative rock band from Oldham in Greater Manchester, England formed by Graham Lambert and Stephen Holt in 1983. The band is named after a clothing shop on thei...

  30. Inter Arma

    Inter Arma

  31. Interment


  32. The Internet

    The Internet

  33. Into The Ark

    Into The Ark

  34. Introducinglive


  35. IntroducingLive


  36. The Invisible Orchestra

    The Invisible Orchestra

  37. Invisible System

    Invisible System

    Invisible System is the pseudonym for the UK & Africa producer Dan Harper whose music is an eclectic fusion of Ethiopian, dub, reggae, techno, trance, drum and bass, jungle, acid, psyched...

  38. Iron Claw

    Iron Claw

  39. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, formed in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. Since their inception, the band's discography has gr...

  40. Iron Reagan

    Iron Reagan

  41. Isaura/Francis Dale

    Isaura/Francis Dale

  42. Island


  43. Israel Nash

    Israel Nash

  44. Issues


  45. Itzhak Perlman

    Itzhak Perlman

    Itzhak Perlman (Hebrew: ×[]צ×[]ק פר×[]×[]×[]â[][]; born August 31, 1945) is an Israeli-born violinist, conductor, and instructor of master classes. He is regarded as one of the preemi...

  46. Ivar Bj?rnsons BardSpec

    Ivar Bj?rnsons BardSpec



  48. Izzy Bizu

    Izzy Bizu