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  1. La Chiva Gantiva

    La Chiva Gantiva

  2. La Dispute

    La Dispute

    La Dispute is a five piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that formed in 2004. As of 2011, they have released two albums and seven EPs. La Dispute consists of lead vocalist Jordan Dreye...

  3. La Femme

    La Femme

  4. La Petite Mort

    La Petite Mort

  5. La Roux

    La Roux

    La Roux (  , ) are an English electropop duo made up of singer, keyboardist, co-writer and co-producer Elly Jackson, and co-writer and co-producer Ben Langmaid. Jackson describes their r...

  6. La Sera

    La Sera

  7. Labrinth


  8. Labrinth


    Timothy McKenzie (born 21 March 1989, Hackney, London), better known by his stage name Labrinth, is an English singer-songwriter and record producer. McKenzie is signed to Simon Cowell's ...

  9. Lacey


  10. Lack of Afro

    Lack Of Afro

  11. Lacuna Coil

    Lacuna Coil

    Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band from Milan. Formed in 1994, the group has had two name changes since being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal and was inspired by ...

  12. Lady Leshurr

    Lady Leshurr

  13. Lady Maisery

    Lady Maisery

  14. Lady Winwoods Maggot

    Lady Winwoods Maggot

  15. Laetitia Sadier

    Laetitia Sadier

  16. The Lafontaines

    The Lafontaines

  17. Laidback Luke

    Laidback Luke

    Laidback Luke (born Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, 22 October 1976 in Manila, Philippines) is a Dutch DJ, producer. He was voted #46 on DJ Mag''s Top 100 DJ list in 2008, before jumping ...

  18. Lail Arad

    Lail Arad

  19. Lake Street Dive

    Lake Street Dive

  20. Lakker


  21. The Lambrettas

    The Lambrettas

    The Lambrettas were an English mod revival band, active in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Named after the iconic Italian Lambretta scooter brand popular among Mods, the band was formed i...

  22. The Lancashire Hotpots

    The Lancashire Hotpots

    The Lancashire Hotpots are a comedy folk band from St Helens, Merseyside, England, formed in December 2006. The group record songs about Lancashire, technology and British culture (e.g. "...



  24. Lanterns on the Lake

    Lanterns On The Lake

    Lanterns On The Lake are a six-piece indie rock band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom.

  25. Lapalux




  27. Laraaji


    Laraaji (born 1943) is an American musician. Born Edward Larry Gordon in Philadelphia, he studied violin, piano, trombone and voice in his early years in New Jersey. He attended Howard Un...

  28. Larkin Poe

    Larkin Poe

    The Lovell Sisters were an acoustic music trio known for their tight harmonies and strong instrumental performances. The Lovell Sisters consisted of three permanent members: Jessica, Mega...

  29. Larry and His Flask

    Larry And His Flask

  30. Larry Carlton

    Larry Carlton

    Larry Carlton (born March 2, 1948, Torrance, California) is an American jazz, smooth jazz, jazz fusion, pop, and rock guitarist and singer. He has divided his recording time between solo ...

  31. Larry Garner

    Larry Garner

    Larry Garner (born July 8, 1952, New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American Louisiana blues musician best known for his 1994 album Too Blues.

  32. Larry Miller Band

    Larry Miller Band

  33. Las Kellies

    Las Kellies

  34. The Last of the Troubadours

    The Last Of The Troubadours

  35. Last Rough Cause

    Last Rough Cause

  36. The Last Vegas

    The Last Vegas

  37. Laura J Martin

    Laura J Martin

  38. Laura Mvula

    Laura Mvula

  39. Laura Welsh

    Laura Welsh

  40. Laurel Halo

    Laurel Halo

  41. Lauren Aquilina

    Lauren Aquilina

  42. Lauren Faith

    Lauren Faith

  43. Laurence Jones

    Laurence Jones

  44. Laurent Garnier

    Laurent Garnier

    Laurent Garnier (also known as Choice), (born 1 February 1966, Boulogne-sur-Seine, France) is a French techno music producer and DJ. Garnier began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late 198...

  45. Lavinia Meijer

    Lavinia Meijer

  46. Lawnmower Deth

    Lawnmower Deth

    Lawnmower Deth are an English thrash metal band who parodied the genre and recorded three-and-a-half albums. Initially active in the late 1980s and early 1990s, they reformed in 2008.

  47. Lawson


  48. Lay Llamas

    Lay Llamas

  49. Layers


  50. Layla


  51. Lazarus Clamp

    Lazarus Clamp

    Lazarus Clamp are an English band of some longevity and interest, who can make a reasonable claim to being one of the minor, undiscovered, rough-cut gems of British independent music - bu...

  52. Lazuli


    Lazuli is a French progressive rock band consisting of 6 musicians.

  53. Lazy Habits

    Lazy Habits

  54. Le Youth

    Le Youth

  55. Le1f


  56. Lea Salonga

    Lea Salonga

    Lea Salonga-Chien (born February 22, 1971) is a mezzo-soprano singer and actress from the Philippines well known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon, for which...

  57. Lee Bains III

    Lee Bains III

  58. Lee Fields

    Lee Fields

  59. LEE MACK

    Lee Mack

  60. Lee Nelson

    Lee Nelson

  61. Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin

    Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin

  62. Leftwing & Kody

    Leftwing & Kody

  63. The Legacy

    The Legacy

  64. The Legendary Tiger Man

    The Legendary Tiger Man

    The Legendary Tigerman is the artistic name of Paulo Furtado, a Portuguese blues performer in a one-man-band style. With a singular style, Furtado plays guitar, harmonica and drums alone ...

  65. Leif Vollebekk

    Leif Vollebekk

  66. Lemar


    Lemar Obika (born 4 April 1978), professionally known simply as Lemar, is a British soul and R&B singer. Obika has had a run of chart success in the UK, Europe and Australia. He rose to f...

  67. LEMONFEST 2014

    Lemonfest 2014

  68. Lenzman


  69. Leogun


  70. Leon Rosselson

    Leon Rosselson

    Leon Rosselson (born 22 June 1934, Harrow, Middlesex) is an English songwriter and writer of children's books. After his early involvement in the folk music revival in Britain, he came to...

  71. Leroy Hutson

    Leroy Hutson

    Leroy Hutson is an American soul and R&B singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and instrumentalist, best known as former lead singer of the R&B band, which came to fame vocal group, The ...

  72. Leslie Mendelson

    Leslie Mendelson

  73. Less Than Jake

    Less Than Jake

    Less Than Jake is an American ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida formed in 1992. Less Than Jake have also been cited as showing influences from a wide variety of genres including pos...

  74. Let Loose

    Let Loose

    Let Loose are a British pop/rock trio, featuring Richie Wermerling (born 11 May 1968 in Whitechapel, London, England) on lead vocals and keyboards, Rob Jeffrey (born 30 November 1967 in R...

  75. Let's Wrestle

    Let's Wrestle

  76. Lethal Bizzle

    Lethal Bizzle

    Lethal Bizzle, also known as Lethal B (born Maxwell Ansah, 14 September 1982 in Walthamstow, London, England), is a Ghanaian British rapper. His songs are known to satirise modern Gangsta...

  77. letlive.


    letlive. is an American Progressive post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. The band has released three albums and is currently signed to Epitaph Records. Their third album, Fake...

  78. Letz Zep

    Letz Zep

  79. Level 42

    Level 42

    Level 42 are an English pop rock and jazz-funk band who had a number of worldwide and UK hits during the 1980s and 1990s. The band gained fame for their high-calibre musicianshipâ[][]in ...

  80. Levellers


    The Levellers are an English rock band, founded in 1988 and based in Brighton, England. Their musical style is said to be influenced by punk and traditional English music.[citation needed]

  81. Leviathan by Living Structures

    Leviathan By Living Structures

  82. Levon Vincent

    Levon Vincent

  83. Lewis Boardman

    Lewis Boardman

  84. Lewis Watson

    Lewis Watson

  85. Lewis Watson

    Lewis Watson

  86. Life


  87. Life


  88. Life in Film

    Life In Film

  89. Lifer


  90. Liferuiner


  91. Lifesigns


  92. Lily Allen

    Lily Allen

    Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper (born 2 May 1985), better known as Lily Allen, is an English recording artist and fashion designer. She is the daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen and fil...

  93. Limbo Kids

    Limbo Kids

  94. Limehouse Lizzy

    Limehouse Lizzy

  95. Limp Bizkit

    Limp Bizkit

    Limp Bizkit is an American rock band. Their work is marked by abrasive, angry lyrics by vocalist Fred Durst and guitarist Wes Borland's sonic experimentation and elaborate visual appearan...

  96. Linda Lewis

    Linda Lewis

    Linda Lewis (born Linda Ann Fredericks, 27 September 1950, West Ham, London) is an English vocalist, songwriter and Guitarist. Lewis is the oldest of six children two of whom also had sin...

  97. Linda Perhacs

    Linda Perhacs

    Linda Perhacs is an American psychedelic folk singer, who released her only album Parallelograms in 1970 to scant notice or sales. The album was rediscovered by record enthusiasts and gre...

  98. Lindisfarne


  99. Lindsey Stirling

    Lindsey Stirling

  100. The Line Of Best Fit DJs

    The Line Of Best Fit DJs

  101. Linkin Park

    Linkin Park

    Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was certified Diamond ...

  102. The Lion & The Wolf

    The Lion & The Wolf

  103. Lionize


  104. Lisa Knapp

    Lisa Knapp

  105. Lisa Mills

    Lisa Mills

  106. Lisa Minnelli

    Lisa Minnelli

  107. Lisa Stansfield

    Lisa Stansfield

    Lisa Stansfield (born 11 April 1966) is an English singer and songwriter.

  108. Lisbee Stainton

    Lisbee Stainton

    Lisbee Stainton is an English singer-songwriter with a folk acoustic style and known for her use of a distinctive eight-string guitar.

  109. Lissie


    Elisabeth Maurus (born 1982), known by her stage name Lissie, is an American folk rock artist and Paste Magazine's #1 best new solo artist of 2010. She released her debut EP, "Why You Run...

  110. Listener


    Listener is an experimental spoken word band that started in 2002 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It deviates from hip-hop collective Deepspace5, Listener is composed of Dan Smith as both voca...

  111. Lit


    Lit is an alternative rock band, based in Fullerton, California. Since their formation in 1989, the band has released four studio albums, one compilation album, two EPs (one was recorded ...

  112. Little Barrie

    Little Barrie

    Little Barrie is a power trio that originated in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, since relocated to London. Their sound could be described as stripped down R&B/Soul/Funk/Blues/Garag...

  113. Little Comets

    Little Comets

    Little Comets are an indie rock trio from Jarrow and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They are described to play 'kitchen sink indie' music. In early 2009 the band were signed to Columbia Records and...

  114. Little Dragon

    Little Dragon

    Little Dragon are a Swedish electronic band, formed in Gothenburg in 1996. It consists of Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano (vocals, percussion) and her close high school friends Erik...

  115. Little Fears

    Little Fears

  116. Little Liam

    Little Liam

  117. Little Matador

    Little Matador

  118. Little Mix

    Little Mix

  119. Little Simz

    Little Simz

  120. Little Sparrow

    Little Sparrow

  121. Littlemores


  122. Liz Green

    Liz Green

  123. Lizanne Knott

    Lizanne Knott

  124. Lizzie Goddard

    Lizzie Goddard

  125. Lizzo


  126. Lloyd Cole

    Lloyd Cole

    Lloyd Cole (born 31 January 1961) is an English singer and songwriter, known for his role as lead singer of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions from 1984 to 1989, and for his subsequent solo work.

  127. Lloyd Griffith

    Lloyd Griffith

  128. Lloyd Yates

    Lloyd Yates

  129. Lock Up

    Lock Up

    Lock Up is a grindcore sideproject supergroup originally formed by Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Venomous Concept), Nicholas Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir) and Jesse Pintado (Nap...

  130. Loco Dice

    Loco Dice

    Loco Dice (Yassine Ben Achour) is a German DJ and electronic music producer born and based in Düsseldorf. His family is from Tunisia, Loco Dice started his career as Hip-Hop DJ and rappe...

  131. Logistics


    Logistics is the stage name of Matt Gresham, a drum and bass music producer and DJ from Cambridge, England. He is signed to Hospital Records and has been releasing music since 2004, which...

  132. Lola Colt

    Lola Colt

  133. London Grammar

    London Grammar

  134. Longfellow


  135. Longfellow


  136. Longy


  137. Loom


    London based Indie/Punk band

  138. Loop


    Loop was a South London band founded in 1986 by Robert Hampson and his wife, Bex, and active until 1991.

  139. Loose Tubes

    Loose Tubes

  140. Lord Finesse

    Lord Finesse

    Lord Finesse (born February 23, 1970) is a Hip hop artist and producer, hailing from The Bronx, New York, best known as the leader of the D.I.T.C. rap crew.

  141. Lorde


  142. Los Campesinos!

    Los Campesinos!

    Los Campesinos! are a seven piece indie pop band from Cardiff, Wales, formed in early 2006 at Cardiff University. Although the band formed in Wales, none of its members are Welsh. They re...

  143. Lost Cherrees

    Lost Cherrees

    Lost Cherrees are an anarcho-punk band from Sutton, Surrey. The Lost Cherrees were formed in 1979/1980 by Steve Battershill (drums), Dave Greaves (guitar) and Siân Jeffreys vocalist. Af...

  144. LostAlone


    LostAlone are a British rock band from Derby, Derbyshire and have been active since 2005. The band currently consists of Steven Battelle (lead vocals, guitar), Alan Williamson (bass guita...

  145. Lotte Mullan

    Lotte Mullan



  147. Louise Distras

    Louise Distras

  148. Louise Marshall

    Louise Marshall

  149. love | less

    Love | Less

  150. Lower


  151. Lowlife UK

    Lowlife UK

  152. LSA


  153. Lucero


    Lucero is an American punk/Texas Country infused rock band that is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

  154. The Lucid Dream

    The Lucid Dream

  155. Lucius


  156. Lucy Rose

    Lucy Rose

  157. Lucy Spraggan

    Lucy Spraggan

  158. Lucy Ward

    Lucy Ward

    Lucy Ward is a British singer, guitarist and concertina player from Derby. She performs, with a voice described as expressive and powerful, traditional English folk songs as well as her o...

  159. Luka Bloom

    Luka Bloom

    Luka Bloom (born 23 May 1955, in Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland as Kevin Barry Moore) is an Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter. He is the younger brother of Irish folk singer Christy M...

  160. Luke Abbott

    Luke Abbott

  161. Luke Haines

    Luke Haines

    Luke Haines (born 7 October 1967) is an English musician, songwriter and author, who has recorded music under various names and with various bands, including The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof a...

  162. Luke Jackson

    Luke Jackson

  163. Luke Sital Singh

    Luke Sital Singh

  164. Luke Sital-Singh

    Luke Sital-Singh

  165. Luke Vibert

    Luke Vibert

    Luke Vibert is a British recording artist and producer known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music. Vibert began his musical career as a member of the Hate Brothers, only lat...


    Luke Wright

  167. The Lumineers

    The Lumineers

  168. Lunar Modular

    Lunar Modular

  169. Lunice


  170. The Lurkers

    The Lurkers

    The Lurkers were a late 1970s English punk rock group from Uxbridge, West London, notable for being the first group ever on Beggars Banquet Records.

  171. LUVDUMP


  172. Lyger


  173. Lykke Li

    Lykke Li

    Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (born 18 March 1986), better known by her stage name Lykke Li, is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her music often blends elements of pop, indie rock and electroni...

  174. Lyla Foy

    Lyla Foy

  175. LYNX


  176. Lætitia Sadier

    Lætitia Sadier

    Lætitia Sadier (born 6 May 1968, sometimes known as Seaya Sadier, or "The Shah" after an Anglophone rendering of the last syllable of her forename) is a French musician best known as the ...