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  1. Oas-is


  2. The Oasis Experience

    The Oasis Experience

  3. Oasis UK

    Oasis UK

  4. Oathbreaker


  5. Oblivians


    The Oblivians were an American punk rock trio that existed from 1993 to 1998. In the 1990s, their blues-infused brand of bravado, crudely-recorded music made them one of the most popular ...

  6. Obscene Locals

    Obscene Locals

  7. Ocean Alley

    Ocean Alley

  8. Ocean Colour Scene

    Ocean Colour Scene

    Ocean Colour Scene (often abbreviated to OCS) are an English Britpop band formed in Moseley, Birmingham in 1989. They have had five Top 10 albums and six Top 10 singles to date.

  9. Ocean Wisdom

    Ocean Wisdom

  10. Oceans Ate Alaska

    Oceans Ate Alaska

  11. Octanic


  12. Octave One

    Octave One

    Octave One is a group of American Techno musicians composed of siblings Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden, sometimes associated with their three other brothers, Lorne Burden, Lynell Burden...

  13. October Drift

    October Drift

  14. October Ends

    October Ends

  15. Odd Rival

    Odd Rival

  16. Oddchild


  17. ODESZA


  18. Of Mice & Men

    Of Mice & Men

  19. Of Monsters and Men

    Of Monsters and Men

  20. Off With Their Heads

    Off With Their Heads

  21. The Offspring

    The Offspring

    The Offspring is an American punk rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1984, that was widely credited, alongside fellow California pop punk bands Sublime, Green Day and ...

  22. Oh Boy

    Oh Boy

  23. The Oh Hellos

    The Oh Hellos

  24. Oh Peas!

    Oh Peas!

  25. Oh Pep!

    Oh Pep!

  26. Oh Wonder

    Oh Wonder

  27. Ohmns


  28. Ojos de Brujo

    Ojos de Brujo

    Ojos de Brujo ("Eyes of the Sorcerer" in English) is a nine-piece band from Barcelona, Spain, who describe their style as "jipjop flamenkillo" (hip-hop with a little flamenco). The band s...

  29. Oka Vanga

    Oka Vanga

  30. olaria_B


  31. The Old Firm Casuals

    The Old Firm Casuals

  32. Olga Bell

    Olga Bell

  33. Oli Savill

    Oli Savill

  34. Oliver Dollar

    Oliver Dollar

  35. Oliver Heldens

    Oliver Heldens

  36. Olly Murs

    Olly Murs

    Oliver Stanley "Olly" Murs (born 14 May 1984 in Witham, Essex) is a British singer-songwriter, musician and TV presenter. Murs rose to fame after being the runner-up on the sixth series o...

  37. Om Unit

    Om Unit

  38. Omar Velasco

    Omar Velasco

  39. Omar-S


  40. Omid Djalili

    Omid Djalili


  41. Omnipotent Hysteria

    Omnipotent Hysteria

  42. OMV


  43. The One Hundred

    The One Hundred

  44. One Man Boycott

    One Man Boycott

  45. One Night of Queen

    One Night of Queen



    One Ok Rock (stylized as ONE OK ROCK) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005, composed of Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya. Originally a five piece band, guitarist Alex left the group in 200...

  47. One Unique Signal

    One Unique Signal

  48. One Way System

    One Way System

    One Way System is a street punk band formed in the Fleetwood area of Lancashire, England in 1979.

  49. Oneman


  50. Onirama


  51. ONR


  52. Onra


    Arnaud Bernard, better known by his stage name Onra is a French hip hop beatmaker based in Paris.

  53. Onslaught


    Onslaught are an English thrash metal band from Bristol, England. Initially active from 1983 to 1991, they reformed in 2004. The band initially drew influence from the second wave punk ro...

  54. The Ooks of Hazzard

    The Ooks of Hazzard

  55. Open Mike Eagle

    Open Mike Eagle

  56. Opeth


    Opeth is a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990. Though the group has been through several personnel changes, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Mikael ├[]kerfeldt has r...

  57. Optimo


  58. Oques Grasses

    Oques Grasses

  59. Orange Goblin

    Orange Goblin

    Orange Goblin are a stoner metal band from the United Kingdom that formed in 1995. The band''s lineup currently consists of singer Ben Ward, guitarist Joe Hoare, bassist Martyn Millard, a...

  60. The Orb

    The Orb

    The Orb are an English electronic music group known for spawning the genre of ambient house. Founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and KLF member Jimmy Cauty, The Orb began as ambient and dub ...

  61. Orca


  62. Orchestra Baobab

    Orchestra Baobab

    Orchestra Baobab is a Senegalese Afro-Cuban, Son, Wolof and Pachanga band. Organized in 1970, as a multi-ethnic, multi-national club band, Orchestre Baobab adapted the then current craze ...

  63. Orchestra of Spheres

    Orchestra of Spheres

  64. Orelha Negra

    Orelha Negra

  65. Orga


  66. The Orielles

    The Orielles

  67. Origin


  68. Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics

    Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics

  69. Orphan Colours

    Orphan Colours

  70. Orphaned Land

    Orphaned Land

    Orphaned Land is an Israeli progressive metal band, formed in 1991, that combines Death/doom, Jewish and Arabic influences.

  71. Orphy Robinson

    Orphy Robinson

  72. Os Mutantes

    Os Mutantes

    Os Mutantes ("The Mutants"), ) are an influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band that were linked with the Tropicália movement of the late 1960s. Although the original line-up (Rita Le...

  73. Os Noctàmbulos

    Os Noctàmbulos

  74. Osaka Monaurail

    Osaka Monaurail

  75. Oscar


  76. The Oscillation

    The Oscillation

  77. The Osmonds

    The Osmonds

    The Osmonds are an American family music group with a long and varied careera[][]a career that took them from singing barbershop music as children, to achieving success as teen-music idol...

  78. Osunlade


    Osunlade (born March 13, 1969) is an American-born musician and music producer.

  79. The Other Half

    The Other Half

    For the Canadian 2000s tour band, see: Leslie Carter. The Other Half were a psychedelic hard rock band, based in San Francisco, active in the mid to late 1960s.

  80. Otherkin


  81. Otto Knows

    Otto Knows

  82. Our Hollow, Our Home

    Our Hollow, Our Home

  83. Outlaw


  84. The Outside Track

    The Outside Track

  85. Ouzo Bazooka

    Ouzo Bazooka

  86. Ovarian Despoilment

    Ovarian Despoilment

  87. The Overtones

    The Overtones

    The Overtones are a five-piece British-Irish doo-wop boy band from London, formed in 2010. They were discovered by a Warner Brothers talent scout while working as decorators in a shop nea...

  88. Owen Paul

    Owen Paul

  89. Owiny Sigoma Band

    Owiny Sigoma Band

  90. Oxide & Neutrino

    Oxide & Neutrino

    Oxide & Neutrino & proteam40 is a DJ and MC Garage trio from London, consisting of Alex Rivers (b. 1982, Isleworth, London) and Mark Osei-Tutu (b. 1982, Brixton, London). Their first s...

  91. Oxygen Thief

    Oxygen Thief

  92. Oysterband


    Oysterband (originally The Oyster Band) is an English electric folk or folk rock band formed in Canterbury in or around 1976.

  93. Ozomatli


    Ozomatli is a seven to ten piece band playing primarily Latin, hip hop, and rock music, formed in 1995 in Los Angeles. They are known both for their vocal activist viewpoints and their wi...