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  1. S Club

    S Club

    S Club, formerly known as S Club 7, were a pop group created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, consisting of members Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, de...

  2. S.P.Y


  3. Sabaton


    Sabaton is a Grammis-nominated power metal band from Falun, Sweden formed in 1999. The band's main lyrical themes are those of historical wars. This is heard in albums Primo Victoria, Att...

  4. Sacrilege


  5. SAFIA


  6. Saint Motel

    Saint Motel

  7. Saint Raymond

    Saint Raymond

  8. The Saints

    The Saints

    The Saints are an Australian rock band, which formed in Brisbane in 1974 as punk rockers. Founders were Chris Bailey (singer-songwriter, later guitarist), Ivor Hay (drummer), and Ed Kuepp...

  9. Salsa Celtica

    Salsa Celtica

    Salsa Celtica are a Scottish musical group famed for playing a form of music that is a fusion of salsa music with traditional Scottish instruments, including elements of folk and jazz.

  10. Salute


  11. Sam & Mark

    Sam & Mark

    Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes, known collectively as Sam & Mark, or simply Smark, are an English popular music and television presenting duo. They previously competed on the second series of ...

  12. Sam Amidon

    Sam Amidon

    Sam Amidon (who also produced one album under the name "Samamidon") is an American independent folk artist born in Brattleboro, Vermont, June 3, 1981. His parents are folk artists Peter a...

  13. Sam Brookes

    Sam Brookes

  14. Sam Divine

    Sam Divine

  15. Sam Duckworth

    Sam Duckworth

    Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is the stage name of English artist Sam Duckworth and his band. He is sometimes referred to as Get Cape, Cape, GCWCF and Slam Dunkworth (the latter title apparent...

  16. Sam Feldt

    Sam Feldt

  17. Sam Fox

    Sam Fox

  18. Sam Griffiths

    Sam Griffiths

  19. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones

  20. Sam Lee

    Sam Lee

  21. Sam Rucker

    Sam Rucker

  22. Sam Russo

    Sam Russo

  23. Sam Ryder

    Sam Ryder

  24. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

  25. Sam Spoons

    Sam Spoons

  26. Sam Sure

    Sam Sure

  27. Samm Henshaw

    Samm Henshaw

  28. Sammy Porter

    Sammy Porter

  29. Samoans


  30. Samsara Blues Experiment

    Samsara Blues Experiment

  31. San Fermin

    San Fermin

  32. San Soda

    San Soda

  33. Sandi Thom

    Sandi Thom

    Alexandria "Sandi" Thom (born 11 August 1981, Banff, Aberdeenshire) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She became widely known in 2006 after a series of webcasts a...

  34. Sango


  35. SANGO


  36. Santana


    Santana is a rock band based around guitarist Carlos Santana and founded in the late 1960s. It first came to public attention after their performing the song "Soul Sacrifice" at the Woods...

  37. Santigold


    Santi White (born September 25, 1976), better known by her stage name Santigold (formerly Santogold), is an American songwriter, producer, and singer. Her debut album Santogold was releas...

  38. Saor Patrol

    Saor Patrol

  39. Sara Pascoe

    Sara Pascoe

  40. SaraBeth


  41. Sarah Cracknell

    Sarah Cracknell

    Sarah Cracknell is an English pop singer who fronts the band Saint Etienne and is known for her light, smooth singing voice. She is the daughter of Stanley Kubrick's first assistant direc...

  42. Sarah Millican

    Sarah Millican

  43. Sasha


    Sasha (born Alexander Paul Coe on 4 September 1969 in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales) is a Welsh DJ and record producer. Sasha began his career playing acid house dance music in the late 1980s. H...

  44. Saskwatch


  45. Satellite Stories

    Satellite Stories

  46. Saturnalia Temple

    Saturnalia Temple

  47. Savage


  48. The Savage Nomads

    The Savage Nomads

  49. Savages


  50. Savages


  51. Say Lou Lou

    Say Lou Lou

  52. SBTRKT


    SBTRKT (pronounced as "subtract") is the stage name of Aaron Jerome, a musician and producer from London, United Kingdom. SBTRKT began his career as a DJ in the east London club "Plastic ...

  53. The Scandals

    The Scandals

  54. Scar Symmetry

    Scar Symmetry

    Scar Symmetry is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Avesta in Dalarna County, formed in 2004. The band has released five albums, with six released singles. They are currently signed ...

  55. The Scaramanga Six

    The Scaramanga Six

    The Scaramanga Six are an English rock band noted for their aggressive live act, their flamboyant and theatrical songs and their independent business practices. Self-managed and self-rele...

  56. Scarlet Angel

    Scarlet Angel

  57. The School

    The School

    The School are an indiepop group, based in Cardiff, Wales. Formed in 2007, the band signed with Spanish label Elefant Records, after playing only 4 live shows, supporting Saturday Looks ...

  58. Science Bastard

    Science Bastard

  59. Scor-Zay-Zee


  60. Scorzayzee


    Dean Palinczuk, better known as Scorzayzee or a slew of aliases including Scorz and Scorzilla The Gorilla, is an English rapper.

  61. Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

    Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

  62. Scott Gibson

    Scott Gibson

  63. Scott Matthews

    Scott Matthews

  64. Scott Matthews

    Scott Matthews

    Scott Matthews (born 1976), is a singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton, England. His first album Passing Stranger was released on 13 March 2006 on San Remo Records before being re-release...

  65. Scouting for Girls

    Scouting for Girls

    Scouting for Girls are a Brit and Ivor Novello nominated band from London, formed in 2005 by Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard. Stride and Ellard met in the Cub Scouts and Chur...

  66. Scratch Perverts

    Scratch Perverts

    The Scratch Perverts are a collective of turntablist DJs from London, formed in 1996 by Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and DJ Renegade.

  67. The Scribes

    The Scribes

  68. The Script

    The Script

    The Script are an Irish alternative rock band from Dublin. Based in London after signing to Sony Label Group imprint Phonogenic, the band released their eponymous debut album in August 20...

  69. Scuba


  70. Scumface


  71. Sea Bastard

    Sea Bastard

  72. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf is a band led by Alex Brown Church, an indie folk musician based in Los Angeles, California. Church attended film school at NYU and was a founding member of a group called Irving...

  73. Seafret


  74. Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes

  75. Sean Lock

    Sean Lock

    Sean Lock (born 22 April 1963) is an English comedian and actor. He began his comedy career as a stand-up comedian. He won the British Comedy Award in 2000 in the category of Best Live Co...



  77. Seann Walsh

    Seann Walsh

  78. Seasick Steve

    Seasick Steve

    Steven Gene Wold, commonly known as Seasick Steve, (born 1941) is an American blues musician. He plays (mostly personalized) guitars, and sings, usually about his early life doing casual ...

  79. Seaway


  80. Seaway


  81. Seazoo


  82. Second City

    Second City

  83. SecondCity


  84. Secret Affair

    Secret Affair

    Secret Affair were a mod revival band, formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1982. They reformed to perform and record in the 2000s.

  85. Seinabo Sey

    Seinabo Sey

  86. Seize the Chair

    Seize the Chair

  87. Sekou Kouyate

    Sekou Kouyate

  88. The Selecter

    The Selecter

    The Selecter are a 2 Tone ska revival band from Coventry, England, formed in mid 1979. Like many other bands in the ska revival movement, The Selecter featured a racially diverse line-...

  89. Senser


    Senser, a politically-charged UK band, originally formed in South West London from a group of friends in the late 1980s, Nick Michaelson (guitar), Heitham Al-Sayed (vocals), Kerstin Haigh...

  90. September Mourning

    September Mourning

  91. Sepultura


    Sepultura (Portuguese for "grave") is a Brazilian heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte, formed in 1984. The band was a major force in the death metal, thrash metal and ultimately groove m...

  92. Serial Killaz

    Serial Killaz

  93. Serious Sam Barrett

    Serious Sam Barrett

  94. The Serpent Power

    The Serpent Power

  95. Servers


  96. Service Bells

    Service Bells

  97. Session Americana

    Session Americana

  98. Set It Off

    Set It Off

  99. Set It Off

    Set It Off

  100. Seth Lakeman

    Seth Lakeman

    Seth Bernard Lakeman (born 26 March 1977) is an English folk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who is most often associated with the fiddle and tenor guitar, but has also mas...

  101. Seth Troxler

    Seth Troxler

    Seth Troxler is an American born electronic music producer and DJ now residing in Berlin, Germany.

  102. Seven Cities

    Seven Cities

  103. Seven Davis Jr

    Seven Davis Jr

  104. The Sex Pissed Dolls

    The Sex Pissed Dolls

  105. Sex Pistols Experience

    Sex Pistols Experience

  106. SG Lewis

    SG Lewis

  107. Shabba D

    Shabba D

  108. Shades


  109. Shades of Rhythm

    Shades of Rhythm

    Shades of Rhythm was a British based electronic dance music group in the late 1980s and early 1990s, formed in Peterborough in 1988. They are best known for being a part of the rave music...

  110. Shadow Child

    Shadow Child

  111. Shaka Ponk

    Shaka Ponk

    Shaka Ponk (sometimes abbreviated as SHKPNK) is a French electric-rock band created in 2000. They mix different forms of popular music into their songs in addition to world music although...

  112. Shakatak


    Shakatak are an English jazz-funk band, founded in 1980.

  113. Shake Shake Go

    Shake Shake Go

  114. Shakka


  115. Shalamar


    Shalamar was an American music group, primarily of the 1970s and 1980s, that was originally a disco-driven vehicle created by Soul Train booking agent Dick Griffey and show creator Don C...



  117. Sham 69

    Sham 69

    Sham 69 is an English punk band that formed in Hersham in 1976. Although not as commercially successful as many of their contemporaries, albeit with a greater number of chart entries, ...

  118. Shamir


  119. Shanty


  120. Shapes


  121. Shapes DJs

    Shapes DJs

  122. Shappi Khorsandi

    Shappi Khorsandi

    Shaparak "Shappi" Khorsandi (born 8 June 1973) is an Iranian-born comedian based in the United Kingdom.

  123. Sharleen Spiteri

    Sharleen Spiteri

    Sharleen Spiteri (born 7 November 1967) is a Scottish recording artist and songwriter, best known as being the lead singer of Scottish rock/blues band Texas. Texas began their career in 1...

  124. Shaun Escoffery

    Shaun Escoffery

    Shaun Escoffery is a British soul and R&B singer and actor, who was born in London. He first major release was the single "Space Rider", released by Oyster Music in March 2001. It was pla...

  125. Shaun Ryder

    Shaun Ryder

    Shaun William Ryder, aka X, (born 23 August 1962 in Salford, Greater Manchester) is an English musician, occasional newspaper columnist, actor, author, singer-songwriter and television pe...

  126. Shawn Klush

    Shawn Klush

  127. Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee

  128. Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee is an American musician and multi-instrumentalist from Wichita, Kansas but now lives in London, England. He is currently working on a new band project with AM with the first alb...

  129. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

    Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

  130. She Keeps Bees

    She Keeps Bees

    She Keeps Bees are a blues rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2006. They are Jessica Larrabee on vocals and guitar and Andy LaPlant on drums. They have been compared to Patti Sm...

  131. Shed Seven

    Shed Seven

    Shed Seven are an English indie rock band from York and were one of the groups which contributed to the Britpop music scene that evolved during the 1990s, yet never received the degree of...

  132. The Shee

    The Shee

  133. Sheepy


  134. Shellac


    Shellac (sometimes referred to as Shellac of North America) is an American group composed of Steve Albini (guitar and vocals), Bob Weston (bass guitar and vocals) and Todd Trainer (drums ...

  135. Shelter Point

    Shelter Point

  136. Shelter Point

    Shelter Point

  137. Sheppard


  138. The Sherlocks

    The Sherlocks

  139. The Sherlocks

    The Sherlocks

  140. Sherwood & Pinch

    Sherwood & Pinch

  141. Sherwood & Pinch

    Sherwood & Pinch

  142. Shield Your Eyes

    Shield Your Eyes

  143. Shields


  144. Shift K3Y

    Shift K3Y

  145. Shigeto


  146. Shiners


  147. Shining


    Formed in 1996, Shining is a Swedish black metal band that incorporates doom metal elements in their music. The band's music contains depressive undertones, which include personal and sui...

  148. The Shires

    The Shires

  149. Shlohmo


  150. Shlomo


    Simon Shlomo Kahn (born c. 1984) (Shlomo) is a British beatboxing artist. Shlomo is of Israeli, Iraqi and German descent and grew up in the village of Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. He can...

  151. Shoot the Ghost

    Shoot the Ghost

  152. Shopping


  153. The Short Stories

    The Short Stories

  154. Shortee Blitz

    Shortee Blitz

  155. Shots Fired

    Shots Fired

  156. Show of Hands

    Show of Hands

    Show of Hands is an English acoustic roots and folk duo comprising singer-songwriter Steve Knightley and multi-instrumentalist Phil Beer. In recent years they have been accompanied on tou...

  157. Showaddywaddy


    Showaddywaddy is a 1970s pop group from Leicester, England. They specialise in revivals of hit songs from the 1950s and early 1960s, and dressed as Teddy Boys.

  158. Showtek


    Showtek is a Dutch hardstyle act, consisting of two brothers, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen (AKA Walt Jenssen & Duro), who started producing Techno in 2001. They changed to hardstyle in 2003,...

  159. Shpongle


    Shpongle is an English psychedelic downtempo/psybient music project formed in 1996. The group includes Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one third of The Infinity Project). T...

  160. Shura


  161. SHURA


  162. Shura


  163. SHVPES


  164. Shy FX

    Shy FX

    Shy FX is the pseudonym of Andre Williams, an English DJ and Producer from London. He specializes in Drum and Bass and Jungle music. Shy FX's debut record was "Jungle Love" released in 1...

  165. Si Cranstoun

    Si Cranstoun

  166. Sick of It All

    Sick of It All

    Sick of It All is an American hardcore punk band from Queens, New York. Formed in 1986, the band consisted of brothers Lou Koller on vocals and Pete Koller on lead guitar, Rich Cipriano o...

  167. Sid Griffin

    Sid Griffin

  168. Sidekicks


  169. Sigma


  170. Sigma


  171. SikTh


    Sikth (also typeset as SikTh) were a progressive metal band from Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

  172. Silences


  173. Silent Front

    Silent Front

  174. Silent Party

    Silent Party

  175. Silent Sleep

    Silent Sleep

  176. Silhouettes


  177. Silkie


  178. Simian Mobile Disco

    Simian Mobile Disco

    Simian Mobile Disco are a United Kingdom-based production and remix team formed in 2005 by James Ford and Jas Shaw of the band Simian. Musically, they are known for their analogue product...

  179. Simmer


  180. Simon Bishop

    Simon Bishop

  181. Simon Dunmore

    Simon Dunmore

  182. Simon Lee

    Simon Lee

  183. Simon Munnery

    Simon Munnery

  184. Simon Patterson

    Simon Patterson

  185. Simon Townshend

    Simon Townshend

    Simon Townshend (born October 10, 1960) is a British guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is the younger brother of The Who''s Pete Townshend, and is most associated with The Who and the ...

  186. Simon Widdowson

    Simon Widdowson

  187. Simone Sauphanor

    Simone Sauphanor

  188. Simple Minds

    Simple Minds

    Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band who achieved worldwide popularity from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The band produced a handful of critically acclaimed albums in the early 1980...

  189. Simple Plan

    Simple Plan

    Simple Plan is a French-Canadian pop punk band from Montréal, Québec. Members are Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals), Jeff Stinco (lead guitar), Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vo...

  190. Simply Dylan

    Simply Dylan

  191. Simply Red

    Simply Red

    Simply Red were a British soul band that sold more than 50 million albums over a 25-year career. Their style drew influences from blue-eyed soul, New Romantic, rock, reggae and jazz. Sinc...

  192. Sinead Harnett

    Sinead Harnett

  193. Single Mothers

    Single Mothers

  194. Sinitta


    Sinitta Renet Malone (born October 19, 1968 in Seattle, Washington, United States), known professionally as Sinitta, is an American singer who has lived in the United Kingdom for most of ...

  195. Sinkane


  196. Sinprint


  197. Siobhan Bell

    Siobhan Bell

  198. Siobhan Wilson

    Siobhan Wilson

  199. Sip The Juice DJs

    Sip The Juice DJs

  200. Sir Richard Bishop

    Sir Richard Bishop

    Richard Bishop is an American composer, guitar player and singer best known for his work with the Sun City Girls. In 2005 Bishop began performing as a solo artist, playing throughout Eur...

  201. Sir Spyro

    Sir Spyro

  202. Siriusmodeselektor


  203. Sirus Hood

    Sirus Hood

  204. Sister Sledge

    Sister Sledge

    Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1972 and consisting of four sisters: Kim Sledge (born August 21, 1957) Debbie Sledge (born July 9, 19...

  205. Sisteray


  206. Six Organs of Admittance

    Six Organs of Admittance

    Six Organs of Admittance is the primary musical project of guitarist Ben Chasny. Chasny''s music is largely guitar-based and is often considered new folk, however it includes obvious infl...

  207. Skarlett Riot

    Skarlett Riot

  208. Skating Polly

    Skating Polly

  209. Skepta


    Joseph Junior Adenuga (born 19 September 1982), better known as Skepta, is an English rapper from London. Born to Nigerian parents in Tottenham, north London..

  210. Skibadee


  211. Skies In Motion

    Skies In Motion

  212. Skindred


    Skindred is a Welsh rock band from Newport. The band was formed in 1998 following the disbandment of vocalist Benji Webbe's previous band, Dub War. Skindred's musical style mixes alternat...

  213. Skinny Girl Diet

    Skinny Girl Diet

  214. Skinny Lister

    Skinny Lister

    Skinny Lister is a five piece folk act based in London, UK. Started in 2009, the band have released three singles to date 'Plough & Orion', 'December' and 'Kite Song' along with two EP's:...

  215. Skinny Living

    Skinny Living

  216. The Skints

    The Skints

    The Skints are a reggae/dub/ska/reggae rock band from London, United Kingdom. Since 2008 the band have toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows, supporting bands that include Gym Cla...

  217. Skitsystem


    Skitsystem (, Fucking System or Fucking Society, literally "Shit System") is a Swedish crust punk band formed in early 1994. Their sound was heavily influenced by death metal and d-beat. ...

  218. Skittles


  219. Skream


    Skream (born Oliver Dene Jones in West Wickham, Bromley, London on 1 June 1986) is a dubstep producer based in Croydon. One of dubstep's first and most prominent producers, he has played ...

  220. Skrillex


    Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988), better known by his stage name Skrillex, is an American electronic music producer and former singerâ[][]songwriter. Raised in Northeast Los Angel...

  221. Slabdragger


  222. The Slackers

    The Slackers

    The Slackers are a New York City band, formed in Brooklyn in 1991. The band's sound is a mix of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul, garage rock, and jazz. The Slackers' notability is cred...

  223. Slade


    Slade are a rock band from Wolverhampton, who rose to prominence during the glam rock era of the early 1970s. With 17 consecutive Top 20 hits and six number ones, the British Hit Singles ...

  224. SLADE UK


  225. Slagerij


  226. Slaid Cleaves

    Slaid Cleaves

    Slaid Cleaves (born June 9, 1964) is a singer-songwriter born in Washington, D.C. and raised in South Berwick, Maine and Round Pond, Maine. An alumnus of Tufts University, where he majore...

  227. Slash


    Saul Hudson (born July 23, 1965), known by his stage name Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the former lead guitarist of the American hard rock ban...

  228. Slaughter to Prevail

    Slaughter to Prevail

  229. Slaves


  230. Slaves


  231. Sleaford Mods

    Sleaford Mods

  232. Sleaford Mods

    Sleaford Mods

  233. Sleater-Kinney


  234. Slimzee & Riko

    Slimzee & Riko

  235. Slipknot


    Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray. After several lineup changes in ...

  236. Slipknowt


  237. Slipmatt


  238. Slow Club

    Slow Club

    Slow Club is a folk-rock duo from Sheffield, England. The band formed in 2006, after the break-up of Sheffield band The Lonely Hearts.

  239. Slow Magic

    Slow Magic

  240. The Slow Show

    The Slow Show

  241. The Slow Show

    The Slow Show

  242. Slowdive


    Slowdive were an English shoegaze band that formed in 1989. The band formed in Reading, Berkshire and primarily consisted of Nick Chaplin (bass), Rachel Goswell (vocals, guitar), Neil Hal...

  243. Slowly Rolling Camera

    Slowly Rolling Camera

  244. Slug


    Sean Michael Daley, (born September 7, 1972) better known by his stage name Slug or "'Sep Seven'", is an American rapper. He is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Slug is best known as one half...

  245. Slugabed


  246. Slum of Legs

    Slum of Legs

  247. Slum Village

    Slum Village

    Slum Village was a hip hop group from Conant Gardens, Detroit, Michigan. The group was formed by three members: rappers Baatin (deceased, 31 July 2009) and T3, plus rapper and producer J...

  248. The Small Fakers

    The Small Fakers

  249. Smerins Anti-Social Club

    Smerins Anti-Social Club

  250. The Smith Street Band

    The Smith Street Band