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Ben McCann

I've got 3 standing tickets for Leeds Arena on 17th Nov for sale - will sell as singles. £35 each.

Posted on: 2014-10-28T12:12:15+0000
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Emily Bushell

3 Jack White tickets - standing - London. Message if interested

Posted on: 2014-10-21T16:08:32+0000
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Rachel Herdman

2 standing tickets for Glasgow date £60 inc p&p

Posted on: 2014-09-17T14:09:55+0000
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Terri Louise Davies

i'm selling 2 standing tickets for Leeds.. £80?

Posted on: 2014-09-08T11:00:26+0000
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Terri Louise Davies

I.ve got 2 standing tickets for Leeds.. £80?

Posted on: 2014-09-08T11:00:03+0000
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Louise Perry

Love Jack,but £42 a ticket,it's a no .

Posted on: 2014-04-11T07:33:54+0000
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Neil Gerald Davies

over here, over rated, over priced...£1 venue restoration levy!!!!! It's a business not a National trust property!

Posted on: 2014-04-10T19:26:54+0000
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Lewis Danby

im selling 4 tickets for Jack White in London Contact me asap for details

Posted on: 2014-04-29T12:10:02+0000
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Dianne Drew

Highway robbery. So wrong. Other charges/fees tacked on. Plus I had to buy elsewhere as I couldn't even get tickets here at 9 sharp. It better be good.

Posted on: 2014-04-11T08:13:12+0000
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Barry Thomas

£1 venue restoration levy? As if £41.35 would somehow be a more reasonable price?

Posted on: 2014-04-11T08:01:12+0000
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Long John Laundry

Bring it on.....

Posted on: 2014-04-09T21:19:55+0000
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Sukhbir Singh

me likey

Posted on: 2014-04-10T09:46:41+0000
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Alex Levi

Is anyone still sells standing tickets ?? Thank you ;)

Posted on: 2014-10-25T14:58:14+0000
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