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LEVELLERS: Beautiful Nights feat. Levellers with special guests Dreadzone and Ruts DC

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Steven Halliday

thinking dropping in on way to b\days sounds like a plan

Posted on: 2015-03-11T20:04:53+0000
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Nomis Tucker

shame it's a seated venue

Posted on: 2014-12-22T10:38:47+0000
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Nick 'Jag' Taylor

For one minute there I thought Malvern were going to get back to having good, live bands back. sadly I was mistaken. Malvern used to be on the circuit for any touring band...lets get it back

Posted on: 2014-12-05T01:22:02+0000
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Matt Jones

Flight and ticket booked looking forward to the gig and a few beers in Sauchiehall Street

Posted on: 2014-09-25T19:55:07+0000
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Francesca Keirle

Have already bought tickets for this, but See tickets has no record and I have no tickets! Paypal knows the truth. have been trying to contact them via tweets, Facebook and cuts services all morning to no avail. Be careful booking through these lot!

Posted on: 2014-09-04T10:56:12+0000
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Una Hendry

Yas. Canna wait

Posted on: 2014-07-12T15:18:41+0000
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Mark Stenton

Why are under 14s not allowed? Son gutted. He was ok last year when he was 11 and there were younger kids there!

Posted on: 2013-09-07T18:48:38+0000
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Lee Rich Stringer

come back to wrexham central station.

Posted on: 2013-09-06T15:19:13+0000
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Darren Lean

'...largers...' ? What are those then?

Posted on: 2013-06-14T06:02:04+0000
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Amanda Buckley

Might have to revisit my pre-children days!

Posted on: 2013-04-22T20:29:18+0000
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Paul Lenton

Deffo there to see the levellers :)

Posted on: 2013-03-30T22:38:49+0000
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Peter Lovell

might go to this as its only in yeovil.

Posted on: 2013-03-15T09:50:30+0000
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Jason Shaw

May have to go for a bit of this...

Posted on: 2013-03-08T22:05:26+0000
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