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Victor Piuk

Went last year and it was absolutely fantastic. Did it as a day trip from my home in France. Worth every single penny!

Posted on: 2013-02-26T13:58:10+0000
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Kate Simpson

I was there on the 9th, It was well worth the price of admission.. and I planned my trip to the UK around this event.. I came in from the US... it was amazing.. and if they do it next year, I will be there again..

Posted on: 2013-03-25T14:44:23+0000
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Netty Rowley

Coming on Saturday 16th March..... Absolutely cannot wait! It's a Christmas present for my lovely man so he has had a little wait!

Posted on: 2013-03-14T15:26:16+0000
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Simon Harris

This is a great thing for anyone who is interested in audio production, these guys produced an INCREDIBLE book called 'Recording the Beatles' and I can highly recommend their book and if I had the chance I would definitely attend this event, for something so historical it's cheap at the price.

Posted on: 2013-02-06T17:36:16+0000
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Gaz Hunter

Got my ticket, cannot wait to be there on Friday 8th....really really looking forward to it :)

Posted on: 2013-02-10T17:10:42+0000
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Roland Lestoquoit

Face value is £80; ticket cost is £85; fee is £2.31! I can understand the fee is for Seeticket, but how can one explain the £5 difference between ticket cost and face value?

Posted on: 2013-01-26T17:12:50+0000
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Digger Dave Taylor

this is a find!

Posted on: 2013-01-25T14:52:23+0000
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Mike O'Neill

I may have to do it again!

Posted on: 2013-01-23T17:04:00+0000
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Gaël Lalloum

Pour en savoir (encore et toujours plus) sur les fab four.

Posted on: 2013-02-06T18:10:48+0000
Likes: 1

David Granditsky man skulle åka I år igen?

Posted on: 2013-02-06T23:50:18+0000
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Pablo Miechi

Please do it again!

Posted on: 2013-05-30T15:05:41+0000
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