The Architechs are a pioneering UK garage group consisting of Tre Lowe and City and, for a short period, also Kevin Williams (K-Warren). They gained international attention in the summer of 1998 after remixing Brandy & Monica''s "The Boy Is Mine" selling over 40,000 copies of the bootleg.[citation needed] Up to this point speed garage had used mainly samples and the kind of raw sounds most commonly heard on hard house records. The R&B crowd, already intrigued by the vocal element of the scene, was more than ready to embrace the shift in direction kickstarted by Architechs - the first time anyone had laid down a full length R&B vocal over a 2-Step backing . An onslaught of Garage/R&B bootlegs followed. They also produced remixes for several popular artists such as the All Saints, Gabrielle, Justin Timberlake and ''N Sync, Usher, Mariah Carey, Faithless, Garbage, Beenie Man and Jamelia amongst others. Several of their tracks have been featured on Pure Garage. With the release of "Show Me The Money" the group were interviewed on Popworld. The Architechs were scheduled to release a full length album in early 2002, but it seems to have never surfaced.

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