Keith A. Moore (born December 15, 1985), is a Nerdcore rapper from The Tri-Cities, WA better known by the stage name Beefy. In 2005, Moore produced two independent EPs, The Whitesican EP and nerd. He created animated music videos for the songs "Whitesican" and "David''s Sister" (both from The Whitesican EP), which gave him notoriety after they appeared on Albino Blacksheep. In 2006, Moore, in conjunction with Nerdy South Records, released his first full-length album, Tube Technology. In August 2008, he released his album Rolling Doubles as a digital download through Amazon and iTunes Moore contributed to the Rhyme Torrents compilation, contributing both music and original cover artwork. He can also be found in two documentaries on the Nerdcore movement Ô[][] Nerdcore Rising, covering MC Frontalot on his first national tour, and the Nerdcore For Life documentary which covers other nerdcore artists. He has been interviewed on NPR, Ka Leo O Hawaii, and has also been mentioned more than once in the blogs at G4tv. He was also ranked number 5 in the Hipster, Please poll of the top 10 nerdcore hip-hop artists.

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