Buster Bloodvessel

Douglas Trendle (born 6 September 1958), better known as Buster Bloodvessel, is an English singer and the frontman of the ska revival band Bad Manners. His stage name was taken from the bus conductor played by Ivor Cutler in the Beatles' 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour. Born in Stoke Newington as Douglas Woods to a single mother, Buster was adopted and brought up by his great-aunt Mary Trendle and her husband, Edward. He did not know he was adopted until the age of seven, when he overheard his adoptive mother talking to a neighbour. He discovered that the woman that he knew as 'Auntie Lily', was really his mother. He never met his father. He founded Bad Manners with friends at Woodberry Down Comprehensive School in North London in 1976.[citation needed] Bad Manners were a popular live attraction in North London, with their brand of humorous ska making them the comedians of the ska revival scene, with Buster often wagging his large tongue at his audiences. Bad Manners earned nine Top 40 singles between 1980 and 1983, and the band have remained a popular live act throughout Britain and Europe ever since.

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