Daddy Kev

Daddy Kev (born 1974 in Los Angeles) is a prolific underground hip-hop and electronic music producer, recording engineer and record label owner. Pitchfork describes him as "one of the Los Angeles underground's most visionary producers... His style exemplifies the steady bleeding of hip-hop culture into the more highbrow aspects of art." Together with Hive and Shaggy, he founded the Celestial Recordings record label in 1998. The label's early records included Phoenix Orion's Zimulated Experiencez album and the Celestial Squadron compilation. Kev also produced records by Naptron and Alien Nation, most of the songs characterized by fusing rap with sci-fi samples. His work with AWOL One on Souldoubt (2001) saw Daddy Kev return to a more conventional underground hip hop context. During this era, Daddy Kev would contribute to a number of genre-defining records, including Sole Bottle of Humans (2000), Myka 9 Timetable (2001), Abstract Rude P.A.I.N.T. (2001), Prefuse 73 Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives (2001) and Nobody Soulmates (2001).

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