David Berkeley

David Berkeley, born David Berkeley Friedland on 22 September 1976 in New Jersey, is an American singer and songwriter. He has released four studio albums, one live album and has published a book, all of them self-produced under the Straw Man label, in a recording career that begun in 2002. Berkeley accompanies his singing on acoustic guitar, solo or with supporting instruments; his music has been described as acoustic, indie and Americana, but he also contributed to two electronica trance tracks. After growing up in his native New Jersey and graduating from Harvard he has lived in several areas of the USA working as a tour guide, a travel writer and a teacher amongst other employments. After the starting of his career as a professional musician he moved first to Atlanta and then to Tralonca, a small village in Corsica. He now resides in Berkeley, California. The places he lived in are a strong inspiration for his songwriting, as are the people in his family (his parents, his wife and his two children).

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