Ed Rush

Ed Rush is the recording name of Ben Settle; a prominent jungle/techstep/neurofunk DJ, who often produces tracks in collaboration with Optical. Hailing from west London, he came to prominence with the release of the track Bludclot Artattack in 1993 (a collaboration with producer Nico Sykes). As techstep emerged as a new subgenre of jungle/drum & bass he was at the fore, releasing well-received tracks such as Guncheck (1995), Killamanjaro and Skylab EP (both 1996), but recording chiefly for Sykes' No U-Turn Records imprint. His work of this time is included in the Techsteppin (1996) and Torque (1997) compilation albums. In 1998, he joined forces with Optical to create their own drum and bass record label called Virus Recordings. Their album from the same year Wormhole is considered a genre classic.

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