FM Belfast

FM Belfast is an electro/electronica band from Reykjav├¡k, Iceland. Its members include L├│a Hl├¡n Hj├ílmt├¢sd├│ttir, ├ürni R├║nar Hl├Â├░versson, ├ürni Vilhj├ílmsson and ├[]rvar ├[]├│reyjarson Sm├írason. FM Belfast formed in late 2005 as a duo with ├ürni R├║nar Hl├Â├░versson (Pl├║seinn) and L├│a Hl├¡n Hj├ílmt├¢sd├│ttir. The band was a studio project for some time until the Iceland Airwaves festival 2006 when the band expanded into a full-on live act. The members now vary from 3 to 8 depending on who can make it. The core of the band is made up of ├ürni R├║nar Hl├Â├░versson (Pl├║seinn, Hairdoctor, Motion Boys), ├ürni Vilhj├ílmsson (Motherfuckers in the house) and L├│a Hl├¡n Hj├ílmt├¢sd├│ttir. When the stars are aligned correctly the band consists of ├[]rvar ├[]├│reyjarson Sm├írason (m├║m, Borko, Skakkamanage), Sveinbjorn Hermann P├ílsson (Terrordisco), Bj├Ârn Kristj├ínsson (Borko, Skakkamanage), Birgitta Birgisd├│ttir, Eir├¡kur Orri (m├║m, Kira Kira, Benni Hemm Hemm) The band began in 2005 with just L├│a and ├ürni R├║nar Hl├Â├░versson but didn't really get going properly until ├ürni Vilhj├ílmsson and ├[]rvar ├[]├│reyjarson Sm├írason joined. In 2006 the group progressed from being a studio project to a full live act, performing at the Iceland Airwaves festival.

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