Guano Apes

Guano Apes are an alternative rock band formed in 1994 in G├Âttingen, Germany. The group members are Sandra Nasi─[] (vocals), Henning R├╝menapp (guitars, backing vocals), Stefan Ude (bass, backing vocals) and Dennis Poschwatta (drums, backing vocals). Their sound has been described as a fusion of metal, pop and rap. Usually their music is labeled as alternative rock and alternative metal. They have released four studio albums (Proud Like a God in 1997, Don't Give Me Names in 2000, Walking on a Thin Line in 2003, Bel Air in 2011), one live album (Live in 2003), two compilation albums (Planet of the Apes in 2004 and Lost (T)apes in 2006), fifteen singles and five video albums.

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