Halves are an ambient/alternative/electronic band based in Dublin, Ireland. They are composed of Brian Cash and brothers Tim and Elis Czerniak, with additional live members Frankie Pollard and Margie Lewis. Halves were designed when Dave (Scanlon - original member), Brian and Tim sat down together and listed bands & composers they admired. They decided on the band's image, including their website & artwork and the visuals of their live shows and had Ô[][]a very clear manifesto about the kind of sound we wanted and the kind of thing we wanted to do, which not many bands in this country Ireland were doingÔ[]Ø. Elis joined soon after and work began on their debut release. The band make use of a wide range of instruments including Electric Guitars, Bass, Drum Kit, Piano, Glockenspiel, Synth, Loop Samplers, Accordion, Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Trombone and various effects. Stunning pre-programmed and live visuals can be seen at live shows performed by the group Slipdraft, whose members are Sam Boles and Daniel Staines.

Sorry, there are no shows on sale for Halves right now.