James Apollo

James Apollo (born December 25, 1980) is an American songwriter and musician. He was born in NW Arkansas and spent formative years in Minneapolis, San Francisco, New York and Tennessee. He currently lives and works out of Silverton, Colorado, and New York City. The Scotsman dubbed Apollo "King of the Road," in 2008. He is best known for creating emotionally textured soundscapes, often gaining musical and lyrical citations to William Faulkner, Tom Waits, and classic Americana of the West. According to Allmusic, "Apollo's broken, bluesy tenor moans out his tale of broken hearts and substance abuse". His songs have been featured in a number of independent films, including the 2009 feature, "Sun Dogs." After touring the USA for several years, Apollo was picked up by NoAlternative Records, which released a number of Apollo's albums including "Good Grief" (2005) and "Hide Your Heart in a Hive" (2007). First touring Europe with Canadian songwriter Morgan Finlay, James Apollo was invited by Tom Robinson to perform live on the BBC. This led to numerous radio appearances, and a live television session on Channel M in Manchester, gaining the singer a wide audience throughout the UK. He has since continued performing in both the US and EU, dividing time between music hubs of [New York] and London, as well lesser trodden locales such as Reykjavik and Slovenia.

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