Jimi Goodwin

Jimi Goodwin (born Jamie Francis Alexander Goodwin, 28 May 1970, Manchester, England) is the bassist, vocalist and guitarist for Doves. Before their incarnation as Doves, the three members were a dance-club music trio called Sub Sub. Goodwin is best known as the lead singer, bassist, and guitarist for Doves, but in songs like "Here It Comes," he is known for swapping positions with drummer Andy Williams and taking over as drummer. During live performances of "There Goes the Fear," he is known for adding an extra drum solo to the end of the song. Goodwin is left-handed, but whilst playing live uses a right-handed bass strung in the normal tuning and flipped upside down. In 1985, Jimi was playing lead guitar in a band called The Risk, which included his cousin Pat Goodwin on drums. Jimi's mother died while Doves were recording their third album Some Cities. Doves' fourth studio album Kingdom of Rust is dedicated to Goodwin's father, Francis James Goodwin, who died aged 65 on 23 December 2008.

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