Kristin Andreassen

Kristin Andreassen is an American musician and dancer. She grew up in Portland, Oregon as Kristin Andrews. In 2002 she started using her great-grandfather''s name Andreassen. Kristin sings, plays harmonica, piano, guitar, banjo-uke and fiddle and she is also a songwriter. From 1999 onwards she has been working as a principal dancer with Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble, teaching & performing various related forms of percussive dance: clogging, tap, Irish & Canadian step dance. In December 2003 she joined the old-time music group Uncle Earl. She is a member of Sometymes Why and The Jolly Bankers. With the song Crayola Doesn''t Make A Color For Your Eyes, that she wrote together with Megan Downes, Kristin has won the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the "Children''s" category. The song was included on her 2007 solo record and she recorded a video for the song directed by Ballard C. Boyd. On November 22, 2008 she appeared on A Prairie Home Companion as a solo artist.

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