Linear was a Latin freestyle-pop trio from Miami, Florida. It consisted of vocalist Charlie Pennachio, and percussionist Joey Restivo, who both hailed from New York, with Ecuadoran guitarist Wyatt Pauley. In 1990, the band had a hit with the gold single, "Sending All My Love," which was released on Atlantic Records and hit number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two years later, they had another hit with the single "T.L.C.," which reached number 30. In 1990, Atlantic records released their first album, followed in 1992 by their second. Charlie Pennachio was an original member of Dance Artist Stevie B and Producer turned Dance Artist Tolga's Miami crew band. Charlie's first CD was produced and written by himself and Tolga Katas and released under Futura International Records owned by Tolga and Charlie. Listener reaction was overboard and the single entered the national pop charts in the U.S. Atlantic records caught wind of the single and tracked him down, and soon signed Charlie to a recording contract."Sending All My Love" soared into the U.S. top five and earned RIAA Platinum certification.

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