Los Planetas

Los Planetas (The Planets) is a Spanish indie group from the city of Granada which started out in the second half of the 1990s and continue now through the 2000s. The group's first hit was "Qu├® puedo hacer" (What can I do?) from their album "Super 8", although they had previously had some success with various demos on a contest run by Spanish national public radio station "Radio 3". After "Super 8" (1994 RCA-BMG Music Spain) the group produced albums which caught on quickly in the Spanish indie scene, including "Pop" (1996 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Una semana en el motor de un autob├║s" (A week in the engine of a bus, 1998 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Unidad de Desplazamiento" (Movement unit, 2000 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Encuentro con entidades" (Meeting with entities, 2002 RCA-BMG Music Spain) and "Los Planetas contra la ley la gravedad" (Los Planetas against the laws of gravity, 2004 RCA-BMG Music Spain). They released two greatest hits albums: "Canciones para una orquesta qu├¡mica" (Songs for a chemical orchestra, 1999 RCA-BMG Music Spain) and "Principios b├ísicos de astronom├¡a" (Basic principles of astronomy, 2009 Octubre - Sony Music Entertainment).

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