Lost Cherrees

Lost Cherrees are an anarcho-punk band from Sutton, Surrey. The Lost Cherrees were formed in 1979/1980 by Steve Battershill (drums), Dave Greaves (guitar) and Si├ón Jeffreys vocalist. After a period of rehearsal, six demo tracks were recorded and released on a tape cassette 'The Worst Demo Ever Recorded At Hark Studios, Kingston', this was a split release with other local punk band Warning. A first gig was played in front of a small crowd at a party held at singer SianÔ[][]s house in Sutton Surrey in the summer of 1981. Soon after this Greaves left the band and Andy Rolfe took his place as guitarist, Steve switched to playing bass and Nuts (Warren Samuels) joined as the new drummer. The new Lost Cherrees line-up of Andy, Nuts, Sian & Steve recorded a second demo in 1982, some tracks of which were to eventually feature on a release on the Subhumans label Bluurg. Their first proper gig was at the Swan pub in Kingston in July 1983 with Riot/Clone. Having struck up a close friendship and working relationship with Dave Floyd and Riot/Clone, they played many gigs across the UK together and eventually were offered a release on the Riot/Clone label. No Fighting, No War, No Trouble, No More was released in late 1983. A week after its release, Radio 1 DJ John Peel played it and expressed an unlikely fondness for it. Subsequently, John Peel often played Lost Cherrees records on his show, until, a good three years after, a chance meeting with the Cherrees (whilst out promoting the Unwanted Children EP) outside the BBC building resulted in an early evening impromptu beer or two at a local pub with himself, his producer John Walters, the Cherrees and Alison (George Cheex) from Action Pact.

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