Michael Katon

Michael Katon is an American blues-rock guitarist and vocalist. He grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, in a musical family where he was early inspired to take up the guitar. Katon began playing with local bands in clubs and roadhouse bars around Detroit from the age of 15, and spent 20 years paying his dues in classic blues fashion, working with a succession of blues and jazz bands. Subsequently based in Hell, Michigan, he released his solo debut, Boogie All Over Your Head, on his own Wild Ass label, with Swedish label Garageland picking up Katon in Europe. The straight forward R&B boogie style, gravelly vocals and stylish blues guitar of Proud To Be Loud endeared Katon to both the blues and heavy metal crowds, and live shows with Ed Phelps (guitar, harmonica), Jon Eppinga (drums) and Gary Rasmussen (bass) proved to be wild affairs, particularly due to the guitarist's penchant for four- and five-hour sets. Blues label Provogue records from Holland were suitably impressed, offering Katon a European contract. Katon gave up drinking to concentrate on his guitar playing, resulting in the harder, more focused Get On The Boogie Train, and while his lyrics retained their customary humor, he also produced a fine slice of urban blues in 'Cadillac Assembly Line'. Rip It Hard continued in the traditional blues-boogie vein, and while, like many blues men, major commercial success evades Katon, he remains a respected guitarist in the field.[1]

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