Mordred is a thrash metal/funk metal band from the United States of America. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, along with various other thrash bands of the time, Mordred always stood out from the crowd with their ideas on expanding and experimenting with the thrash metal sound, incorporating turntables and funky bass lines into the basic Mordred sound. Before the release of the album In This Life, Jim Taffer was replaced by James Sanguinetti. At this time the band were hitting their peak in popularity. Changes hit Mordred again when Scott Holderby left the band due to creative differences, and Paul Kimball became the new vocalist. Paul appeared on their final album The Next Room. After this period the band decided to go their separate ways. In 2002, Mordred got back together to play a reunion gig in their home town of San Francisco, and went on to perform again.

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