Mystery are a Canadian Progressive Rock band formed in 1986 by guitarist/keyboard player Michel St-Pere. Originally the band had no stable lineup, but in 1990 a lineup formed featuring Pere on guitars, along with Raymond Savoie on vocals, Stephane Perreault on drums, and Benoit Dupuis on Keyboards. This lineup, with Gary Savoie replacing Ray Savoie on vocals and bass player Richard Addison on bass guitar, was the first recording lineup of the band. This lineup recorded the band''s first album. Stephane Perreault was taken ill with a crippling illness in 1992, which led to a hiatus until 1993, when the band regrouped. The band brought in new bass player Patrick Bourque to replace Addison, and Michel Painchaud joined on saxophone and acoustic guitar. In 1995, the band was reduced to four members when Dupuis and Painchaud left. This lineup not only recorded the band''s second album, "Theatre Of Mind", but brought the band to an audience outside of Canada. During the recording of the band''s third album, entitled "Destiny?", St├®phane Perreault left and was replaced by Steve Gagn├®. By the time it came to record the band''s fourth album in 1999, singer Gary Savoie left due to musical differences, and was subsequently replaced by Beno├«t David, who Michel St-Pere had met after a Yes tribute gig by David''s then-band Close to the Edge. Benoit David now fronts Yes as well as Mystery. This lineup of the band continued until 2007 when the band''s fourth album, "Beneath The Veil Of Winter''s Face", was released. Patrick Bourque died a few months after the albums release in September 2007, the cause of death was determined to be suicide. He was also a member of Emerson Drive up until a year before his death.

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