Neck is a six-piece London-Irish Celtic punk band from the North London neighbourhood of 'County Holloway' (known informally thus due to its Irish population). 'Born in a bottle' during late-night drinking sessions in 1994 by Leeson O'Keeffe, a former member of Shane MacGowan and the Popes, & a mixture of Irish emigrant & second-generation Irish drinking buddies, the band blends traditional Irish music with punk rock. Neck take their lead, both musically and ideologically, from two other great London rebel bands: The Clash and The Pogues & distilled that to come-up with their own unique London-Irish brew: 'Psycho-Ceilídh'. Initially playing exclusively on the London Irish bar circuit "for the free booze and to meet biddies", and with a name serendipitously gleaned from the exasperated landlord at their first gig, who on discovery of their cavalier attitude towards required band possessions (forget amps or drums - they didn't even have a name ), cursed them with the old Irish saying "Ye've a neck like a jockey's bollocks, ye feckers!", they have branched-out considerably, both aspirationally and geographically, since then.

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