Noon is a pseudonym of Polish electronic musician and producer MikoÅ[]aj Bugajak. He was born in 1979 in Warsaw, Poland. He began his career with the team Grammatik with which in 1998 issued the first his album "EP". His music evolved from downtempo/ ambient grooves to breakbeat electronica. Noonâ[][]s all works are based on vinyl sampling and spiced up with analogue synthesis. He has own home music studio called â[][]33Obrotyâ[] where the whole music works are taken place. DJ Twister One video has been shot for "Studio Games" single from "Studio Games" CD. His two LPâ[][]s with warsawâ[][]s rapper Pezet made him one of Polandâ[][]s most respected producers. Noon's tracks also appeared on UK based Canteen Records and Canadian Launchbox Recordings labels' releases.

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