Patent Pending

Patent Pending is an American pop punk band consisting of vocalist Joe Ragosta, drummer Anthony Mingoia, guitarist Marc Kantor, guitarist Joshua Dicker, guitarist/vocalist Rob Felicetti, and bassist Travis McGee. They are from Mount Sinai, New York. They released their debut album Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine in 2006 with original vocalist Michael Ragosta and bassist Drew Buffardi (with Joe Ragosta on guitar at the time) and 2008's Attack of the Awesome!!! with Jay Beiner on bass guitar and Joe and Michael switching on lead vocals. The band has released five music videos; "This Can't Happen Again" off of Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine., "She's a Ho Ho Ho", a holiday single, "Drop Dead" off of Attack of the Awesome!!!, and "One Less Heart to Break" (which reached the #1 highest ranked, most viewed, and buzzworthy music video on and "Dance Til We Die" off of 2010's I'm Not Alone (Patent Pending Album). Joshua Dicker, long time collaborating songwriter with Ragosta, would only appear as a live guitarist consistently during Joe's switch to lead singer in July 2009. Guitarist Rob Felicetti (formerly of The Ataris) came in as Josh's touring replacement and joined the band full time while on tour in July 2010.

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