Proud Mary

Proud Mary are an English country/blues/rock band from Royton, Oldham, England. The band was discovered by Noel Gallagher in 2001, and was the first to sign to the Oasis star's Sour Mash label. Gallagher described the band's musical influences as "a cross between The Stones, Neil Young and The Band"; other influences include Bob Dylan, Faces, Merle Haggard and Mott the Hoople.[citation needed] Proud Mary's debut album, The Same Old Blues, was released in June 2001. The band parted with Sour Mash in 2003, and released their second album, Love and Light, with Redemption Records 2004. The band has toured with Neil Young, The Black Crowes, and Ryan Adams and has played at several major music festivals. By 2006, Newsome had relocated to Los Angeles putting Proud Mary on hiatus. In a statement on the band's website he stated "...remember people, when me or Greg do something solo, it doesn't mean we're going solo, if you know what I mean!" Throughout 2007 and 2008, Griffin filled the Proud Mary void with numerous solo shows and, with support from former Proud Mary guitarist Nev Cottee and various other session musicians, Griffin released a solo record, Glass Bottom Boat. Newsome also released his own solo record, Electric & Palms; he also wrote various film and television scores in Los Angeles.

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