Rick Buckler

Rick Buckler (born Paul Richard Buckler, 6 December 1955, in Woking, Surrey, England), is the former drummer of The Jam, an English rock band that enjoyed considerable success in the United Kingdom from 1977 until disbanding in 1982. Although spearheaded by the songwriter Paul Weller, the rhythm section of Buckler on drums and Bruce Foxton on bass guitar were an integral part of The Jam''s sound and success. The Jam split at the behest of Weller. Q Magazine reported in March 2006 that Buckler was dismissive of the jazz leanings in Weller''s post-Jam band The Style Council, after Weller played his ex-bandmate tapes of his new songs. Weller has not spoken to Buckler socially for more than 20 years. In 1983, Buckler joined ''Time U.K.'', featuring himself, Jimmy Edwards and Ray Simone, both formerly of ''MasterSwitch'', Danny Kustow from the Tom Robinson Band and former Sparks/Radio Stars bassist Martin Gordon. Gordon''s tenure was brief - he recorded demos and performed only one gig with the band before being replaced by Nick South of the Yoko Ono Band and Steve Marriott''s All Stars. Time UK sold nearly 60,000 copies of their first single, "The Cabaret".