Robbie Fulks

Robbie Fulks (March 25, 1963 Ô[][]) is an American alternative country artist originally from Pennsylvania but who is a longtime Chicago, Illinois resident. Fulks is known for his disdain of mainstream modern country and the country music industry, as exemplified by his scorching rebuke of Nashville titled "Fuck This Town." His live performances feature improvised rearrangements of his original songs, off-the-cuff musical humor, and covers of songs by Michael Jackson and Cher, among others. His wife Donna Fulks is a Chicago voice over actress, and so is his son Preston, with occasional performances by his other son Tennessee. They have all been known to sing at his shows when present. His brother Jubal Fulks occasionally appears on his albums playing the violin. As a songwriter Fulks is difficult to define. Many of his compositions are silly, funny or spoof songs, while others are serious country songs. One album, 2001's Couples in Trouble comes off more as an experimental rock album than as country. A good example of the alternative nature of some of his work is the song Godfrey ("the sickly, unemployed, amateur children's magician") on the compilation album for children The Bottle Let Me Down. His son Preston Fulks' artwork was also featured on the album. His music is described by many to be either alternative country or rockabilly.

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