Rupa & The April Fishes

Rupa and the April Fishes is a musical group based in San Francisco, California and is fronted by Rupa Marya. Their songs are a mixture of international musical styles and the lyrics are sung in multiple languages, primarily French, Spanish and English. Rupa & the April Fishes echoes the roots of San Francisco's Bay Area, flowing its Latino, African American, Yelamu Indian, and Islander pasts together. Rupa, the lead singer sought out a diverse group of musicians to fulfill her dreams of producing a thought provoking composition while remaining playful and exotic. The group began as a duet between Rupa and cellist, Ed Baskerville, that played on streets, in streetcars and art galleries reverberating their nomadic spirits. From there the band grew into an eclectic group of talented musicians playing sold out shows in well-known venues around the country. The band came together to create a form of music that would build connections among the diverse population of the Bay Area. The band started off playing in local bars, with influences of street music, exotic Latin grooves, Indian ragas and Romani soul. They played their first show at the Red Poppy Art House, an intimate performing arts venue in San Francisco. RupaÔ[][]s vision of blending a mix of languages strives to forge a deeper connection, reaching beyond the boundaries of race and geography. Their music is often described as multifaceted, ever changing, and redefining.

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