Schiller is an electronic ambient music band from Germany led by Christopher von Deylen, a German musician, composer and producer. The band is named after poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller. Schiller won the ECHO award in 2002 for the Best Dance Single of the Year.. Schiller has sold over 7 million albums worldwide. Schiller's vocals are sung by guest artists including Sarah Brightman, Moya Brennan of Clannad, Ben Becker, Peter Heppner of synth pop band Wolfsheim, miLù, also known as Mila Mar, Xavier Naidoo, Maya Saban, Kim Sanders formerly of Culture Beat, Ana Torrojaof the Spanish pop group Mecano, Tarja Turunen formerly of power metal group Nightwish, Despina Vandi, Alexander Veljanov of Darkwave group Deine Lakaien, Swedish singer September/. Other musicians that have collaborated with Schiller include Klaus Schulze, Mike Oldfield, Helen Boulding, Damae of Fragma, Jaël of Swiss band Lunik, Stephenie Coker and German actress Anna Maria Mühe. Many of Schiller's albums take over a year to receive a North American release. Tracks are re-recorded with English replacing German lyrics. The television channel Music Force Europe dedicates a weekly programming slot to Schiller's music; the show is called "Schill-out"

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