Senser, a politically-charged UK band, originally formed in South West London from a group of friends in the late 1980s, Nick Michaelson (guitar), Heitham Al-Sayed (vocals), Kerstin Haigh (vocals), John Morgan (drums), James Barrett (bass) and Alan "Hagos/Haggis" Haggarty (engineer, producer, programmer) and in 1992 they were joined by Spiral Tribe D.J, Andy Clinton. The band soon forged an innovative, eclectic and explosive new style and began to support psychedelic rockers the Ozric Tentacles. Soon they had developed a following in their own right and they were invited to play at Glastonbury, this got the ball rolling in 1993 the band were signed to Ultimate records. Senser''s musical style has repeatedly been described as "uncategorisable", but is nevertheless most often classified as rap rock.