Sezen Aksu

Sezen Aksu (born: Fatma Sezen Yıldırım; July 13, 1954 in Denizli) is a Turkish pop music singer, song-writer and producer who sold over 40 million albums worldwide. Her nicknames include the "Queen of Turkish Pop" and Minik Serçe ("Little Sparrow"). Aksu's influence on Turkish pop and world music has continued since her debut in 1975, and has been reinforced by her patronage of and collaboration with many other musicians, including Sertab Erener, Å[]ebnem Ferah, AÅ[]kın Nur Yengi, Hande Yener, and Levent Yüksel. Her work with Tarkan resulted in continental hits like "Å[]ımarık" and "Å[]ıkıdım" and her collaboration with Goran BregoviÄ[] widened her international audience.

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