SNFU is a Canadian punk rock band formed in 1981 in Edmonton, Alberta and later relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. They have released nine full-length albums and are cited as a formative influence on the skate punk sub-genre. The band came to fruition amid the inchoate Canadian hardcore punk scene of the early 1980s. Coupling raw and horrific lyrical imagery with a dynamic punk sound, their 1985 debut album, ...And No One Else Wanted to Play, has remained influential. The group expanded its audience and style through two further studio albums, but disbanded in 1989 due to internal tensions. They reformed two years later, however, and wrote new material that was comparatively refined, while still iconoclastic. The reconstituted group quickly garnered a recording contract with the prominent indie label Epitaph Records, which was followed by six-digit record sales and touring alongside of such successful punk rock acts as Green Day, Bad Religion and Iggy Pop. The band became independent in 1997 after a split with Epitaph and endured a second breakup in 2005 before again reforming two years later.

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