Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto is an American punk band with many influences from different genres including ska, jazz, latin, and traditional Eastern European music from New Brunswick, New Jersey fronted by Tomas Kalnoky. They released their first album, Everything Goes Numb, which was distributed by Victory Records, on August 26, 2003. The band headlined and sold out their first concert at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey on December 9, 2003. Several of Streetlight Manifesto''s members were well known in the New Jersey third wave ska community for their roles in past ska punk bands from that area, primarily Kalnoky''s Catch 22 and fellow New Jersey band One Cool Guy. As of October 4, 2009, the lineup consists of songwriter Tomas Kalnoky on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Brown on alto and baritone sax, Jim Conti on alto and tenor sax, Pete McCullough on bass guitar, Matt Stewart on trumpet, Nadav Nirenberg on trombone, and Chris Thatcher on drums.

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