TC (also known as Tommy Boy) is the stage name of drum and bass producer and Bristol DJ Tom Casswell. He left school and started making music inspired by the sounds of the Bristol scene and the music and atmosphere of St. Paul''s, the area of Bristol where he grew up. His debut album, Evolution, was released in 2007 on D-Style Recordings. TC also presented the latest edition of Watch The Ride, a compilation CD released several times a year. Scratch Perverts and DJ Zinc have released them previously. His tracks Deep (feat. MC Jakes) and Jump have achieved critical acclaim in the rave scene. TC has made appearances on shows hosted by Radio 1''s Zane Lowe and was regarded as a breath of fresh air in the drum and bass scene. He is featured in ''Plasticworld,'' a song in Pendulum''s 2005 album Hold Your Colour, (which topped 225,000 sales) along with other feature artist Fats.

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